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When you work with electronics, at some point you will need to remove the insulation from some electrical wires. It’s often necessary to strip wires before you perform tasks like soldering etc. To strip wires you can simply use a pocket knife or similar to remove the coating, but if you’re serious about electronics as a hobby or profession you should probably purchase a special best wire stripping tool. Wire Strippers are designed to make stripping wires accurately, and safely an easy and efficient task. There are many different options out there when it comes to looking for the best wire strippers, so to help simplify the buying process for you we have created a list of top wire strippers that we believe are great choices. After the list we will include a general buyer’s guide in which we will try to explain the important things to consider before you buy wire strippers.

Best Wire Strippers to Buy 2019 – Quick Overview Wire Stripping Tool you should buy

Klein Tools 11063W
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IRWIN 2078300
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Neiko 01924A
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Wire size:
8 - 24 AWG
Wire size:
10 - 24 AWG
Wire size:
10 - 24 AWG



IRWIN VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper – Best self adjusting wire stripping tool

The IRWIN 2078300 Wire Stripper is a great choice if you’re looking for a top quality, self adjusting model. The self adjusting mechanism allows you to easily strip wires from 10 to 24 AWG. So you should be able to accommodate stripping most wires in your electronics projects, whatever they may be.

This tool also has a crimping feature which allows you to crimp 10 – 22 AWG insulated, 10 – 22 AWG non-insulated, and 7mm – 9mm ignition terminals. It features a built-in adjustable stopper which allows you to control the length of the core strip accurately. Also, each IRWIN hand tool comes with a lifetime guarantee. Overall this product is a fantastic choice for both the casual hobbyist and the professionals.


  • Durable high quality material
  • Ergonomic rubber hand grip
  • Self Adjusting
  • Built-in adjustable stopper


  • Insulation can get caught in the way after stripping
  • Tension can require adjusting

Klein Tools 11063W Wire Stripper – 2nd Best wire strippers 2019

The 11063W Wire Stripper made by Klein Tools is well built and a reliable choice to accurately and cleanly strip wires. It also doubles as a wire cutter. It can easily cut and strip 8 – 22 AWG wire. This handheld tool is made out of cast alloy with an Ecoat finish for durability and longevity.

Because of the compound action stripping feature you can strip wires easily with a single squeezing motion. And so they can remove up to 1 inch of the insulation jacket of the wire in a single step. Overall this is a fantastic option for those looking for a wire stripper that can also be used as a cutter.


  • Tough Corrosion resistant material
  • Ergonomic to use
  • Cuts & Strips wire 8 – 22 AWG


  • No crimping feature

Neiko 01924A Self Adjusting Wire Stripper – 2nd Best self adjusting wire stripping tool

This wire stripper features an innovative design which allows for easy self adjusting wire stripping with a one handed motion. This tool is ideal for wires 10 – 24 AWG. To achieve perfect tension and jaw clearance for smaller gauge wires it has thumb wheel for micro adjustments.

It also features wire cutters, with heat treated blades for clean cuts. As well as a Built in crimper tool, which easily crimps 10 – 22 AWG insulated and 4 – 22 non-insulated. All in all, this stripper from Neiko is a top choice not to be overlooked. It is especially useful in working with smaller wires which other strippers struggle with. With the added features of the crimper and cutter this tool is bound to free up some extra space in your tool-box!


  • Handle is comfortable and provides high leverage
  • Features ability to strip, cut, and crimp.
  • Auto adjusting
  • Easily operate with one hand
  • Adjust tension with thumb wheel


  • Slightly steeper learning curve than other tools

Capri Tools 20011 – Best automatic wire strippers for smaller wires

The Capri Tools 20011 Automatic Wire Stripper and Cutter has specially designed stripping blades that automatically adjust to different wire gauges.

One notable aspect of this tool is its slim profile, which allows it easy access to tightly confined areas. The efficient design means you can grip and strip in only one motion and work with wires 24 – 10 AWG.

Overall this stripper is a decent choice, especially for those who wish to work with smaller wires. It can crimp, cut and strip different gauge wires with ease.


  • Comfortable and secure pistol grip design
  • Cut, Strip and Crimp


  • Not ideal for over 10 AWG

Kinee Adjustable Wire Stripper – Best wire strippers for simplicity

The Kinee Adjustable Automatic Cable Wire Stripper is designed for rapid use to save you time and effort. The stop on this item is adjustable so you can consistently strip to the length that you require. It works on 10-24 AWG wire, and with stranded or non-stranded. The design of this wire stripper is about as simple and easy to use as they get. Although it still offers a cutting feature as well as stripping, it can’t do crimping.


  • Very easy to use
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Cannot be used to crimp

Best automatic wire stripping tool – Factors to Consider?

While you can in general use most wire strippers for any wire stripping job it is still a good idea to know specifically what your requirements are so that you can choose the best wire stripper for your needs. There are a number of factors that vary between different models, and in order to choose the best option for you, you should take these into consideration.

Grip design for wire stripper tool

Some wire strippers have more ergonomic grip designs than others. depending on how often and for how long you intend to use the tool you may want a very comfortable grip. Also some grips are in the pistol style which can be better for some situations. Read our reviews and take into consideration what type of handle/grip you might need.

Construction – A good wire strippers

You should consider the build quality carefully. Some models are made from materials that will be more prone to corrosion, while others are corrosion resistant. While lighter materials like plastic may have the benefit of weighing less they are also less sturdy so it’s a compromise between sturdiness and portability in some cases. Ideally the grips will be rubber or some other material that provides good grip.

Wire Size – small wire strippers?

Different Wire strippers will be designed for different wire gauges, so be sure to research the type of wire that you plan to be stripping before you purchase a tool. For example someone working with wiring for circuitry will probably use much smaller wires and therefore purchase a model capable of smaller gauge stripping.

Ease of use – self adjusting wire stripper?

The learning curve for each of these tools varies greatly depending on the design you choose. For instance, some models have a steeper learning curve but will offer more functionality once you become adept at using them. While others are easy to simply pick up and use even if you’re a novice.

Conclusion – The best wire stripping tool?

Working with electronics demands precision, so choosing the best wire stripping tool is not a decision you should take lightly. I recommend reading through our guide and taking note of factors which are important to your specific case. Make sure you’ve considered the details mentioned in our guide, that way you can assure you purchase a product of great quality that will last for years to come.

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