9 Best Sledge Hammers | Top Picks, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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We usually assume that hammers are just necessary for demolishing. More than that, these tools are also useful for driving or setting posts, nails, and so on.

That’s the reason they investing in a hammer is sensible.

But hammers are not a familiar tool that everyone can tell apart outstanding or average products. So, we’re here with this article to help.

Best sledge hammer

You can find sledge hammer in almost every engineering shop or agricultural supplies. However, its popularity leads us to another issue “finding the best one out of thousands!”.

Would you have enough time to scroll the computer screen all day, to check every supplier your friends recommended, to compare prices among sites?

We’re afraid that people now don’t have that much free time. 

But the good news is that you’ve found us!

We have here the most thoughtful and sincere opinion to give you so that you can spend money once with satisfaction, no regrets.

Nope! We’re not boastful. Keep reading until the end to find out what you need!

Best Sledge Hammers 2020 Reviews

#1 Fiskars 750610 

  • Handle: 36 inches
  • Weight: 10 Pounds

The first to be told is a Fiskars 750610, and it’s supposed to be our most pleasing choice after all.  

This Fiskars item is carefully made with a 2-in-1 head. The head includes a wedged side for maximum demolition and a flat extra-large face for driving posts. 

The wedged side can multiply the force you give to demolition estimated five times. Or, we can say this design can be much more destructive than conventional shapes. 

The point of a broad diameter side is for better accuracy when you do driving posts.

Proposing to comfort users with such a colossal force, Fiskars 750610 comes with

Patented IsoCore Shock System which is to absorb vibration. 

The handle is made from half plastic and half fibreglass, so the whole thing is lightweight as well as affordable. However, too much plastic is not a favoured term, at the same time.

Fiskars PRO 750620-1001...
  • Ideal for demolition work like...
  • Wedged demolition face concentrates...
  • Extra-large diameter driving face...


  • An appropriate length of the handle
  • A suitable weight for balance and power
  • 2-in-1 head for both demolition and driving
  • Comfortable shock absorption system
  • Superb warranty


  • The cheap plastic part of the handle
  • Bad coating

With this head design, Fiskars 750610 fits in many kinds of projects, from light industrial driving to heavy-duty breaking jobs.

#2 Fiskars IsoCore 

  • Handle: 11 inches
  • Weight: 3 Pounds

If anyone likes the idea of Fiskars 750610 but hesitates on the size of it, this mini version- Fiskars IsoCore could treat you better.

Fiskars IsoCore gets fully designated with a shock absorption system and smart 2-sided head. However, it’s conveniently handier. It’s even easy for single-hand use.

The lightweight edition ensures higher accuracy in driving small items such as nails, chisels or stakes.

It’s smaller and lighter so you can carry it around, swing it more efficiently and safely.

Fiskars IsoCore 3 Pound Club...
  • Ideal for single-handed use when...
  • Wedged demolition head concentrates...
  • Extra-large diameter driving face...


  • Convenient 2-in-1 head for a club sledge hammer
  • Portable 
  • Higher accurate work with a more balanced tool
  • Comfortable shock absorption system 
  • Great warranty


  • Not for too industrial projects
  • Can’t work much on concrete

Fiskars IsoCore is made for light industrial projects which ask for accuracy in details. It also works significantly in simple demolition. We recommend it for general household chores.

#3 Neiko Fiberglass Sledge Hammer

  • Handle: 16 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds

Here comes another mini sledge hammer but a more budget-saving option. It comes with such a terrific price that we almost ignored. However, we did study this piece, and it turned out to be a too-good-for-the-price hammer.

You’ll have a sledgehammer with fibreglass handle and non-slip rubber. That’s amazing. 

The head is made of hardened steel, and it won’t be corroded in a long time. 

Because Neiko 02867A is cheap, so it also has some limitations. You don’t expect it to work on massive industrial projects.  

Neiko 02867A Fiberglass Sledge...
  • A lightweight sledgehammer that...
  • Corrosion resistance sledge;...
  • Ribbed rubber handle provides firm,...


  • Lightweight hammer to be portable
  • Hardened steelhead
  • Rubber handle
  • Fibreglass handle with non-chipped cover
  • Shiny polished head


  • Not for heavy-duty

I think that this mini Neiko sledgehammer is ideal for beginners or temporary users when they need a hammer for chores or student projects.

#4 Wilton 22036

  • Handle: 36 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds

Wilton is a famous brand, so we don’t miss to test some hammers of this brand. And, we found this Wilton’s 22036!

It amazed us, and we’re sure you’ll be impressed, too!

This sledgehammer has a destructive head made with a steel core. It’s unbreakable technology by reputational Wilton. This technology allows users to overstrike with no fear of breaking the hammer itself.

The main part of the head is forged 46 HRC steel which can stand quite heavy-duty demolition.

Besides its capacity, we’re obsessed with its design. Wilton’s 22036 has a plate secure so that you won’t be worried about the dislodged head. And right below it, they wrap the neck by anti-vibration pad to keep shocked in minimum.

As a result, even though the hammer is heavy, you’ll use it with comfort.

With the name of Wilton and the brand’s technology on this hammer,  22036 is a good investment regarding both money and purpose.

Wilton - 20 Lb Head, 36"...
  • Country of Origin:Mexico
  • Package length:18.0"
  • Package width:18.0"


  • Super highly destructive head for demolition work
  • Comfortable handle with rubber pad 
  • Safe plate 
  • Handy land-yard hole
  • High-quality steel
  • Wilton made


  • Expensive 
  • Heavy 

Wilton’s 22036 is a choice of professionals. It’s worth what you paid, we guarantee!

#5 Stanley FatMax Sledge Hammer

  • Handle: 36 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds

Wilton is an excellent piece, but it’s quite heavy for many people, so we suggest another option with a lighter weight- Stanley FatMax FMHT1-56019.

We find this sledgehammer a user-friendly tool designed with a comfortable handle, safety lock and perfect coating. 

The fibreglass handle is padded with shock absorption rubber so you’ll feel the least shock while hammering. The rubber is not only for comfort but also for non-slip effect.

The head is quite substantial while the handle is lightweight so some users might find it hard to swing. However, the long handle helps a bit.

Stanley FatMax Sledge Hammer...
  • World First Multi Component Grip...
  • Shock absorbent, vibration on...
  • Forged hammer head with the handle...


  • Excellent vibration absorption in the handle
  • Good grip and comfort 
  • High-quality glass fibre handle
  • Tough steelhead


  • Heavy head to swing 

Stanley FatMax is an ideal purchase for beginners or (might be) women who are not used to hammering because of its excellent grip and comfort by the handle.

#6 Jackson Sledge Hammer

  • Handle: 36 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds

For professionals who focused on hammer’s power and ease of use, Jackson 6 is a better option. 

Jackson 6 comes with a 36-inch long, dull and thin handle. This handle promises more effortless swing. And the 20-pound head ensures to demolish whatever you ask it for.

Even though the handle is made of wood, Jackson 6 still shows a higher chance of slipping. If you are beginners, it seems not a suitable piece.

Jackson 1199900 Sledge Hammer,...
  • 20-Pound head
  • Double face forged steel head for...
  • Hardwood handle is shock absorbent...


  • Flexible hardwood handle
  • Simple design for easier use
  • Good for the price
  • Destructive head


  • Heavy head
  • No non-slip support in the handle

Jackson 6 is for all ranges of demolition, breaking on the surface. Its simple design means portability, affordable price and lightweight. Buy it if you can handle this awe.

#7 Estwing Drilling/Crack Hammer

  • Handle: 11 inches
  • Weight: 2-3 pounds 

Estwing MRF3LB Sure Strike Hammer is another mini sledge tool that we are proud to figure out. 

Estwing MRF3LB caught our attention with a carefully polished head. It shines with attraction; could you imagine? 

The head is forged steel, and it’s not too heavy to swing. In fact, this edition offers the least profession in swinging sledgehammers. You couldn’t fail to handle this.

Despite the lightweight, it’s impressively destructive. When you use it, you might feel like Thor holding a great hammer as quickly as a cake.

This piece is not cheap among mini sledgehammers we offer you. However, you get a portable but powerful tool in return. Would you take the chance?

Estwing Sure Strike...
  • FORGED STEEL HEAD – Maximum...
  • BALANCE AND TEMPER – The most...
  • HEAVY HITTING HAMMER – Perfectly...


  • Portable 
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and non-slip handle
  • High-quality head
  • Premium


  • Expensive 

This handy and easy-swing sledgehammer is 100% ideal tool to take away. It deserves a spot in the toolkit of every profession. As we said, it makes you feel like Thor.

#8 Truper 33187

  • Handle: 16 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds

We have found out and reviewed for quite many 36-inch or 10-inch hammers. Would you like something with the size in between?

Truper 33187 is a medium-sized sledgehammer with quite a different handle length- 16 inches. So anyone’s interested in this dimension, welcome to detailed review!

If you did research, you would find out about Truper- a reputational hammer maker in Mexico. The brands produce high-quality products and sell them at reasonable prices. Does it sound promising?

You won’t be disappointed. 

Truper 33187 can handle light to heavy-duty demolition. With this size, we believe it will be loved.

Besides, this hammer offers users an effective shock control system. The maker has poly guard every inch on the handle to keep you in the least shock, even with overstriking.

This hammer design works better on driving than demolishing if you care.

Because of its origin, it’s not easy to find the replaceable parts. But Truper’s customer service is excellent enough for you to acknowledge where you can have what you want.  

Truper 33187 8-Pound Sledge...
  • 8-pound sledge hammer for heavy...
  • 16-inch durable hickory handle is...
  • Shock absorbent -inchpoly...


  • Well Mexican made
  • Just-right size for a wide range of projects ( light to medium industrial ones)
  • Comfortable shock absorption
  • Brandy guarantee
  • Affordable price


  • Quite hard to get replaced parts 

Truper 33187 is exactly what your professional hammer collection lacks. If you have taken years of finding your hammer size, may it be the one? 

#9 GROZ Heavy Duty

  • Handle: 16 inch
  • Weight: 8 pounds (a 14-pound version is available)

If you ask us what sledgehammer has the most durable handle, Groz 34523 Indestructible Handle Sledge Hammer will be the no-doubt-in-a-minute answer. 

Its name did tell it all.

The makers are so sure about their indestructible handle that they made it irreplaceable!

How possible?

The handle appears with six spring steel bars running from top to toe and each bar, at the connection with the head, get deadly locked by locking plates. 

To be said, it might take you a lifetime to dislodge the head out of six strict links.

Well, with that design, the handle is heavy. 

To be supportive, the hammer offers ergonomic handle to ensure comfort, power and most importantly, grip.

GROZ heavy-duty sledgehammer is an excellent piece so don’t expect low price.

GROZ Heavy Duty 8lb Sledge...
  • Indestructible handle is stronger...
  • Sledge-hammer head is 8 pounds and...
  • Hi-visibility safety orange head...


  • Well-made handle
  • Hi-vi head for better accuracy
  • Non-slip and absorptive rubber handle
  • High-quality forged steelhead


  • Not replaceable handle
  • Expensive

It’s totally worth spending if you desire a long-lasting sledgehammer for driving, forming, setting and demolition.

Things to Consider Buying a Sledgehammer

Best sledgehammer

1. Head

We guess that the head is what you consider the first. It’s understandable because the hammerhead will deliver and distribute power on objects.

Some of us assume that the head made of whole-same metal. For example, this head is steel, so the whole thing must be steel.

Well, that’s not true. You can bump into ahead with steel core and iron surroundings. The metal will say a little how powerful the hammer is by its toughness rank. And, we still go for steel and iron as sturdy materials for breaking things. 

However, don’t be down. 

It won’t affect much the capacity. The weight does matter!

Hammer law is “the heavier it is, the more powerful it is”. And it’s somehow true.

2. Handle 

The head and the handle must combine to deliver exact demolishing you wish to make, regarding force as well as accuracy.

Therefore, the handle must be the next thing you should test.

The handle should be reasonable with the weight of the head. You can’t control a massive head with a short and dull handle, can you?

And, the material of handle also matters.

The handle must weigh a bit so it can endure the weight of its head but not too heavy for you to pick up and swing. There are two materials: wood and fibreglass.

Wood, as we know, is common, flexible, user-friendly and budget-friendly. However, wood sometimes cannot guarantee its durability in heavy-duty projects. It could split, break within time.

Fibreglass is a never-aging material. It is such life insurance. This material is not easy to break or split like wood. However, it’s not a go for people with a tight budget, generally.

3. Safety 

When you work with these pieces of weight, safety is a must to think of. Even though you work alone in a vast empty landscape, security is still one of the priorities.

Well, we can say this one will split away when you hammer and the other one will not. Manufacturers are smart enough to keep their pieces sound safe in first several times. 

So, as smart buyers, you don’t test by using, you’ll check by looking at their design.

By checking the hammerhead and handle connections, you can tell a bit about how it works.

Usually, they need to have bolts to keep two parts connected. It’s a deadbolt that you cannot move, generally. You can also see that handle will go through the head so that even when the thing falls apart, they are still safe for users.

4. Comfort

You must feel comfortable when using the hammer.

If not, how could you give out the best shots on demolishing during hours (possibly)?

The comfort is told by how your hand feel when you hold the handle, swing it and pick it.

First, the handle must be non-slip. We expect a pad on the handle so that you feel the tight grip on the hold.

Next, the head and the handle must be responsive. It should be right for your strength if it’s too heavy so you will soon wear out. But if it’s too light, you won’t get capacity as you wish.

The handle must be appropriately long so when you pick it up or hammer it down. You don’t have to move your body so much. It’s how to save up your energy and avoid stressing out your muscle.


Do different heads bring different power?

Different hammers will come with its own shape of the head. Usually, pointed ones will be better to tackle flat surface like concrete yards. On the other hand, dull and big heads will be ideal for driving posts, for example.

What makes the hammer expensive?

Usually, the material of the hammer will decide its price. for example, fibreglass handle will cost more than wooden ones with the same head.

How much should a sledge hammer weigh?

If you want a hammer for industrial projects, we recommend 10 to 20-pound heads as ideals. Lower than that weight, you should only count on light projects.

Lightweight version usually comes with 2 or 3-pound head. 

How to use a hammer safely?

To protect yourself from any possible accidents by your hammering work, we suggest to equip yourself with mask, gloves, helmets and goggles. A vulnerable part to consider must be your hand because they keep on hold for a long time; next will be the head- the sensitive part of any human being.

What is the common size of sledgehammer?

Makers, at the moment, focus on the bigger size – 36 inch of handle and 20-pound head. Depend on the steel, the head varies in weight.

However, there are also sledge hammers with only 11 to 13 inches long. It’s the more portable design for demolishing or driving jobs which require accuracy in details.

Author’s choice

These nine pieces above are what we sorted out carefully from hundreds of offers pouring out from the current market. It’s no easy jobs to decide which is the best one for all.

As far as our analysis, we consider Wilton’s 22036 the item for possibly the broadest range of users.

What we count on is price, size, quality and brand’s convenience. 

Among all, Wilton’s promises to fit in a wide range of demolition and setting projects.


A sledgehammer would be the first and only thing that comes up in your mind regarding crude demolishing. But more than that, it proves to be useful for not only breaking things but also driving posts, wood-splitting and so on.

And even though how many items you have to choose from, now you find it more easily.

With nine pieces of top buy and sincere guide, we hope you have an idea of smart spending on your future sledgehammer.

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