9 Best Plasma Cutters – Top Picks, Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best plasma cutters

In the development of technology in heavy industry, people had to create tools to cut through metal. First, it happened in factories, but now this job can be done by you, at your house with a tool so-called plasma cutter.

But, a problem with developing is you have too many to choose from. Which is the best plasma cutter for you? It is not necessary to be the most expensive or the most modern. 

In this article, we’ll show you the shortcut to the best investments. Plus, we suggest some tips for you to get your own references.

Best Plasma Cutters 2020 Reviews

#1 Lotos Non-touch Pilot Arc

Lotos offered dual voltage, but primarily, you can operate this piece directly with a 220V power source. With 110V, you need extra accessories.

Lotos is a well-known maker of welding and cutting devices in the USA, and you will see this name recommended in most DIYs and light projects regarding metal tackling jobs. (Spoil: You’ll meet another Lotos in this list).

We were happy to find out about this cutter. The first love fell on the non-touch pilot arc. As we have explained, this design means no direct contact between the nozzle and the surface. The advantage here is it enables users to work on different metal surfaces, including rusted iron, painted aluminium, or roughcast iron with promised accuracy as on completely flat smooth terrain. 

We believe it’s the top feature you are seeking for your decorative projects. 

With Lotos, this LTP5500D is equipped the blow-back type start technology, which allows users to work in safety. 

That would be the point all of us care about the most. How thick can it cut through?

As our experiment, you can cut clean through 3/5 inches. More than that, the tool results serve cut at the maximum thickness we suggest- 1 inch. We supposed an inch thickness is quite a good figure.

Lotos LTP5500D Non-Touch Pilot...
  • SETUP WITHIN 1 MIN--the...
  • INPUT: Automatic Dual Voltage...
  • Easy establishment
  • Convenient and nice cutting
  • General home-use voltage
  • Supportive refund and return policy
  • Durable
  • Affordable price
  • Not-included air compressor
  • Not for heavy-duty projects

With the accuracy this item promises, we suggest using for light industrial projects such as decorative DIYs, home chores, or school works. If you need more. Let’s move on!

#2 Hobart Airforce

Hobart 500566 is considered a little more heavy-duty than the mentioned Lotos. It runs on the air force, and Hobart offers you purchase with the compressor. What convenience!

In speaking of thickness, Hobart 500566 can tackle a 5/8 inch metal plate, and it’s clean cut. That’s a considerable number!

And 5/8’’ thickness is not a rare number at this price, we put here another advantage of this Hobart – user-friendly.

With that thickness, you might have to be patient to move nozzle slowly and carefully with other machines, but with this cutter, it’s fast and easy as slicing butter. The whole thing is quite lightweight, so we’re sure that controlling will be not difficult.

Hobart is an excellent piece, but you should be prepared to pay a lot to get the item.

Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i...
  • Maximum cutting of mild steel is...
  • Auto-Refire Technology - Allows...
  • Operates off 240 V input power....
  • Good cutting regarding thickness and speed
  • Lightweight
  • Safe trigger
  • Handy wind tunnel technology
  • Air force included
  • Expensive

Hobart can tackle jobs which is more heavy-duty than what Lotos offered. You can work on more significant house projects, make huge arts. And we only suggest this one when you have a quite good budget for the plasma cutter.

#3 Hyperikon

If the price of Hobart did terrify you, let’s calm down! We have a lot for you to choose from. For example, this Hyperikon PT31 LG40 is one of our satisfactory choices. 

HyperikonPT31 LG40 will impress most of you because of the price. It can be said reasoning for a wide range of users. And its performance is impressive.

This tool can cut clean through ½ inch metal. It’s quite a good figure at this price; we have to say.

It runs on 110V, and you might start thinking, “Oh, no, it’s not the voltage I can offer.” No worries, they include IGBT inverter so you can maximize your electricity use.

Starring on an electric appliance, we care about the cord and lead. This one did not let us down. It has 13 feet lead and also considerably long cord for you to move it around and cope with hard-to-reach corners. 

Hyperikon Plasma Cutter, 10 40...
  • IGBT INVERTER - Built by the latest...
  • PT-31 TORCH - This portable plasma...
  • Terrific price
  • Convenient with extra lead, electric cord, and hose
  • Handy to take-away
  • Great guarantee policy
  • Easy setting-up
  • Quite light industrial function

You have a minimum budget, and maybe that’s all you want to pay because what you have to deal with are only mild metals like copper, aluminium, steel, iron, this one is for you!

#4 Miller Electric

Miller Electric 907579 is a good piece we want to tell you. The voltage is maximum – 240V. From it, any one of us can tell it is a heavy-duty piece of plasma cutters.

Yes, it can do clean cut through 5/8’’ metal. And with that capacity, this tool appears incredibly portable. It’s lightweight and well-packed. Thinking as experienced engineers, we see this item worth investing. 

Let’s imagine you have projects everywhere, do you mind dragging heavy and bulky plasma cutter always? But you need it in the toolkit, so a portable piece is unarguably needy.

Besides, this Miller Electric 907579 includes everything you might need to function: inverter, lead, and cord, adaptor. One is for everything, still a good purchase, are we correct?

Plasma Cutter, Spectrum 625,...
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Country of Manifacturer: United...
  • Manufacturer: Miller Electric
  • All-included package
  • Swift and easy cut
  • Lightweight
  • Good guarantee policy
  • Super expensive

Only those who want a severe investment in the plasma cutter should get this one because you won’t try with the price. In return, it’s a flexible and portable item that’s worth your money.

#5 Lotos Non-touch Pilot Arc

Are you interested in paying for one and getting 3? 

If you need a piece like that, this Lotos LTPDC2000D will fit. This tool includes a TIG and sticks welder and a plasma cutter, all in one. And the good news is this 3-in-1 tool is a very affordable price.

Speaking of the plasma cutter – the primary purpose of this Lotos, we want to praise the handy non-touch pilot arc- a signature in Lotos’s products. As we have discussed before, it’s a very convenient design and suitable for tackling different jobs.

This torch can cut through ½ inch cleanly, and with serve cut, we recommend only ¾ inch as maximum thickness.

LOTOS - 04-ZVGR-0O8D Lotos...
  • TIG WELDER: 15-200AMP DC TIG...
  • Affordable price
  • Versatile usage
  • Handy dual voltage
  • Active cooling system to ensure good performing cutter
  • Nice air regulator
  • Not so supportive customer support
  • More about cutter and TIG welder

For those who have a limited budget and in need of welder as well as a plasma cutter, this is the most economical appliances eligible for light projects and decorative works.

#6 Ramson 50DX

If Miller is too much for your limited fund, we can see if Ramsom Cut 50DX works instead.

Ramson Cut 50X is also a portable design with quite comfortable weight to carry around. This piece is also offered dual voltage operation, so you can take it to many types of projects.

Besides, Ramson Cut 50DX offers quite a functional capacity in cutting. Users can handle ¾ inch metal, and it results in a clean cut. The maximum thickness this one can tackle is an inch. It’s not bad for a machine at a one-third price in compare to Miller.

Using this one, you can control the AMP by its handy and bright display screen. 

The only minus point is about its usage. You can cut through quite thick metal but only common materials from iron to aluminium. However, the speed can’t be as fast as premium Miller. But for light projects or everyday household chores, it couldn’t be a problem.

Ramsond CUT 50DX 50 Amp...
  • Automatic Dual Voltage/Dual...
  • Integrated Digital Display of...
  • Integrated Pressure Gauge Display
  • Handy for multiple chores
  • Good price
  • Convenient digital AMP display
  • Lightweight
  • Great customer service
  • Weak for heavy-duty job

This one is an excellent option for price, we have to say. Especially with beginners, it’s just right to invest when you’re new to the field.

#7 PrimeWeweld Premium

A complete list can miss items for beginners, so here we go, the perfect one we’ve searched through.

PRIMEWELD is definitely what beginners need to perform their very first plasma cutting with minimum failure and danger. 

First of all, we see this item is very easy for setting up, of course, even with beginners. They build quite a robust tool with leaving too-detailed parts, for example, no exterior hose, more straightforward back. In addition, you can connect parts with a brass. Hey! Everyone can assemble and use this one even though they might never touch a plasma cutter before.

PRIMEWELD also designed this cutter in a portable style, so users don’t feel too confused when using it.

PrimeWeld 50A Air Inverter...
  • TRULY PORTABLE - If you need a...
  • Portable and cheap
  • Durable
  • Handy dual voltage
  • Good warranty
  • Great service
  • Only for common average metals
  • Short power cord

It’s a truly portable and inexpensive tool for everyone, not alone beginners. And with common metals like iron, steel, or aluminium, a piece like this is just right.

#8 Hypertherm Hand System

In a load of premium plasma cutter for professionals, Hypertherm joined in the competition with a Powermax 45XP hand system cutter.

Along with our high-end collection, this one also promises impressive thickness for clean-cut: 5/8 inch. And, the selling point here is a fast cutting process. You’ll feel like slicing butter. 

Besides, the machine is simply built with automatic gas adjustment and a quite portable whole. 

To help people with tacking cutting metal with higher efficiency, this tool offers SmartSense technology to control air pressure you should work at.

Hypertherm Powermax45 XP Hand...
  • Small size and light weight provide...
  • Patented drag-cutting technology...
  • Smart Sense technology ensures that...
  • Smart technology
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Faster cut
  • Able to cope with a wide range of thickness
  • Very expensive

The Hypertherm Powermax 45XP can tackle different thicknesses with comfortable speed so that you can use it for quite heavy industrial projects.

#9 Reboot Plasma Cutter 

This Reboot Plasma Cutter is one of our favourites. It can cut through 3/8 to ½ thickness. This figure is quite impressive for the price. And, bonus, it’d support dual voltage. 

The favourite feature is the range of metal this tool can cope with. 

You might find a lot of models for plain stainless steel, iron, and aluminium. However, this one promises more. It can handle heavy metal like cast iron, chrome, and so on. The thickness is more limited but still pleasant.

To support users in working, the control panel is presented on a digital screen. It’s super convenient for experienced and non-experienced workers!

Plasma Cutter 40 Amps Portable...
  • [Updated Model] AC 110V output 60%...
  • [Cutting Thickness] This cut40 is a...
  • [Cutting Material] Stainless steel,...
  • Terrific price
  • Able to tackle Chrome and Cast iron metal
  • Handy digital control
  • Good warranty policy
  • Only 3/5’’ thickness maximum

This item is eligible for a variety of chores. It’s not quite heavy-duty, but you should have one like this that tackles with a wide range of metal but also cheap.

Plasma cutters are quite popular now, and even reading the top nine, and you might be still confused in the best option. We would say our best buy falls in the Lotos LTP5500D because of reasonable price, versatile cutting ad convenience for a wide range of users. 

What Plasma Cutter Is The Best For You?

How to choose the best plasma cutter

What Is The Power Source You Use For Plasma Cutters?

Some plasma cutters run on electricity. It’s not strange at all, and we see that most users prefer this type because of smooth operation. 

But speaking of electricity, suppliers offer more than an option. Usually, it depends on the voltage you suppose to use for the machine. 

There are two kinds in the market at the moment we tested.

Plasma Cutters – Home Version

We named it home version because the electricity it requires is the only 110/120V. Almost all family electric outlets can provide this voltage level. 

However, with the lowest volt, you can only cut through the limited metal thickness. As we expected, it’s just right to tackle 0.25-inch metal.

Ask for more? Then you are supposed to supply more power.

Plasma Cutters – The Extraordinary

Well, it’s not that rare, but 220/240V needs you to have a particular power outlet in the house. We meant a converter or something the same. 

In the house of a man who is used to engineering work, it’s no difficulties. But in conventional homes with a collar, a housewife and children? You need more to prepare besides paying for a plasma cutter.

In exchange, this version can handle thicker metal plate, such as half an inch.

Do You Have An Outdoor Job Frequently?

The electric plasma cutters, of course, only operate when you offer direct power. What if you have to get the job done outdoor where no electrical outlet is available?

The solution is pneumatic cutters!

Pneumatics or air compressors are widely known as a mobile power source, which helps for outdoor and heavy-duty engineer jobs.

The strength of this version, in addition to mobility, is a variety of capacity.

In the world of plasma cutters, it’s expensive to have the whole set. Most of the pneumatic devices exclude the compressor. 

Actually, we only recommend this type for those who already have got an air compressor and feel really in need of it.

Do You Ask For Convenience?

Between the core of operation and the torch, there is a lead. It’s like a cord to connect two central parts of the cutter and as a connector, we consider it essential.

The length and the material of leads are what we care.

The length will allow you how far you can work around the main machine. Can you drag the cutter around, or you need it to stay in place?

The material is also a virtual part. High-quality lead lasts long and remains safe, in the opposite of low-quality ones.

What Is The Purpose Of The Plasma Cutter To You?

Best plasma cutters - Features

Plasma cutters are to cut through metal that we all know. But, let’s be more specific.

Why do you cut metal?

Are you preparing a part of construction?

You are cutting off some extra pieces which are no longer useful?

Or more sophisticatedly, for art?

Because not all cutters can perform complete and clean cutting like you cutting paper by scissors. Depending on the torch, the technology, and price, the final cutting will appear differently.

If the clean and smooth cutting is what you desperately expect in the end, you should go for the high-frequency non-touch torch or nozzle with drag technology.

As far as we study, both of these torches can perform quite satisfying precision and clean cut. 

Non-touch Torch

The non-touch torch slides in your metal plate with no need for you to contact the nozzle. Therefore, you will see the line, get control of it. The plasma beam will provide a steady cutting process so that it’s not disruption, a defective part, or something.

Drag Torch

Vice versa, torch with drag technology works with a nozzle attached to the surface. The torch is like a pen that you draw on your metal piece. Also, it brings the same result.

The process is a non-disrupted cutting line and tidy cut.

If you care the least about the final look, so whatever torch you choose, you would be satisfied. Maybe the price is what you’re worried about.

How Much Can You Afford?

Money! Money! Money! It’s always a tough question to answer, especially when you go get different machines like plasma cutters.

There are such reasonable offers, but it cost you an arm and a leg to pay. It would be worth your spending if you’re chasing dangerous job in cutting metal plates.

However, it’s understandable that you don’t want to spend too much. 

In the collection of budget saving options, torch start is the version that costs the least. It’s sensible because the torch start is the most fundamental technology in plasma cutting. It’s easy to use, but after all, the process will remain with the mess, maybe unclean cutting. You need to be skilful in handling it to make art.

And, the price will be in relevance to the engine, lead as well as the capacity of the cutter. You have to consider all the features we have told, not only the torch.


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Conclusions – Best Plasma Cutter?

There are many to choose if you step in a shop, and through this article, we suggest you the possibly brightest choices that we have been through. They are at a quite affordable price, this device, in our opinion, will fit in the broadest range of users, job. And more importantly, they are safe tools to work in the future.

Of course, each person has their preference in choosing a cutter. Depending on their budget, type of jobs, and experience, there must be the best plasma cutter for you. And, we can’t wait to see what you’d share with us!

Please don’t forget to check out other Cutters you might need for your DIY Toolbox.

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