9 Best Framing Hammers 2020 | Top Picks, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Best framing hammer Best carpenter hammer

Do you find it difficult to find the best framing hammer or the best carpenter hammer for your task?

A framing hammer is a helpful tool that could make framing job easier. Many workers in the construction industry have their favorite model and say that the best framing hammer in existence.

Buying a tool online is not easy, especially for devices that you will work with for long. The Internet helps us to reach thousands of products, but it also makes it more challenging to find a good one among them.

We believe that some products are not as outstanding as advertising, and some are good, but you can’t see. And we are here with a detailed review of the best framing hammer and the best carpenter hammer in 2020. This article includes all the information with the pros and cons of each product so that you can decide if it is suitable or not.

And also, in this article, we provide a detailed buying guide so that even an amateur worker can still choose the best one.

Best Framing Hammer 2020 Reviews

Check out the best framing hammer in 2020 with the device by tool review, and you will find out which one is the best for you.

#1 Stanley Claw Framing Hammer

The first product in our list of the best framing hammer is the great model from Stanley. And what we like most about this product is it really can protect your hand and your arm. You know, with work like this, your hand will always be fatigued or hurt after a long time of working.

But thanks to the Xtreme AntiVibe Checkered framing, it transfers the least vibrations to your hand and controls the torque effect on your wrists and your elbows, too.

The head weight of Stanley is 22 oz; compare with the total weight of 38.73 oz, we have to say that it is a suitable head weight. Besides, with the magnetic-nail-start-feature, Standley can extend its reaching area with one hand nailing function.

About the materials, the head of the hammer is rust-free and corrosion-free steel with black paint coating. The handle is made of steel with AntiViber Checkered coating to protect your hand while at work.

Stanley 51-167 22-Ounce FatMax...
  • Stanley Fatmax Xtreme Antivibe...
  • Staples!!!!
  • High Quality New!!!!!!!


  • Suitable for both professionals and freshers
  • Antivir Checkered handler for better hand-protection
  • Perfectly balanced between head weight and handle
  • High-quality head and handle materials


  • Nail puller is bad

Standley is the best carpenter hammer for professionals who own a workshop or an amateur with a large budget.

#2 Estwing Framing Hammer

If you are looking for the best framing hammer with the exact origin, Estwing is the one for you. What leads this product to our list of the best framing hammer is the made-in-USA tagline with the advertising that they use the most beautiful American steel. Try it, and you will have the best experience!  

Thanks to the patented shock reduction grip, it could reduce 70% of the impact vibration to your hand and arm when at work. And the Rip Claw versatility is perfect for other purposes like pulling nails, splitting wood, prying boards and more.

The product also comes with two versions of smooth and milled face, which has a little different in the price. And the head weight is from 12-30 oz, which is suitable for both professional or beginner to control.

Estwing BIG BLUE Framing...
  • FORGED IN ONE PIECE – The most...
  • BUILT FOR THE PRO –Framers,...


  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal product for professionals
  • Various usage
  • Reduce 70% impact on user’s hand
  • Two versions for you to choose


  • High price

The best carpenter hammer for not only carpenter but also for contractors, framers, and serious DIYers.

#3 DeWalt Framing Hammer

If you are looking for a high-quality hammer with a reasonable price for beginner, DeWalt is the best framing hammer for you. And what we like most about this product is the exact 22oz head weight. This weight is perfect for you to control the stick and reduce working effort at the same time.

Besides, DeWalt’s is also using hardened steel for its head, which can work amazingly in any craft and projects. Also, what makes this product unique is the waffle face. With that face, DeWalt’s can hold the nail quickly and strike effortlessly.

For the handle, the best part of the handle is the torque resistant mechanism that works efficiently to keep your hand comfortable while working. It works well with hitting concrete when hitting metal, too. The forks on it are long, so taking nails out is pleased with it.

DeWalt DWHT51064 22 Oz....
  • Perfect for framing and other...
  • Optimal weight distribution for a...
  • Magnetic nail starter for easy, one...


  • Durable and solid
  • Perfectly balanced between head and handle
  • Comfortable handle
  • Reasonable price
  • Waffle face for better sticking on the nail


  • The whole hammer is heavy

DeWalt is the best carpenter hammer for professionals due to its heavyweight. For a beginner, you can still use this, but it could be challenging to control the stick at first.

#4 Fiskars IsoCore Framing Hammer

Fiskars is not the first one in our list of the best framing hammer, but it could be the best one in our catalogue. And the very primary reason why we say that is its reasonable price. Compared with other products on this list, Fiskars has a moderate amount that is not very expensive or cheap. But the company offers a lifetime warranty for this product, so it turns out the best choice ever.

Technically, this product is the ideal product for a heavy-duty task like pounding large nails into sturdy lumber. It also has a milled face which can prevent the hammer from sliding off the pin when you make a hit. The milled face will leave a terrible mark for sensitive surfaces, so please be careful.

Besides, it was also an excellent hand-protection technique with the Patented IsoCore shock control system. In short, it could absorb strike shock and reduce the pressure before it can reach your hand.

Fiskars - 750241-1001 IsoCore...
  • Ideal for big framing jobs and...
  • Milled face grips nail head to help...
  • Patented IsoCore Shock Control...


  • High-quality handle and face
  • Ideals for professional
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for pulling the nail

Fiskars is another best carpenter hammer for professional users. And with the lifetime warranty, you can trust and invest in this tool.

#5 Estwing Framing Hammer 

Estwing is the only brand that has two products in our list of the best framing hammer. And if you make a quick search on e-commerce sites like Amazon or Walmart, you will find that most Estwing harmer received a high rate from the customer. That is not only because of the “made-in-USA” advertisement but also because of the high-quality.

Like other products, the E3-22SM also has two versions of the milled face and a smooth face for you to select. The price of each product is not different. Both products have a high price compared with other brands. However, only by taking a look, you will find that it is worth trying!

This product is a “full-tang” model. It means it is that it is cast from a single piece of metal, and the handle or the head is only the other parts of a similar article. There is no groove between the head and the handle, which means no weak points and no break.

Estwing Framing Hammer - 22 oz...
  • FORGED IN ONE PIECE – The most...
  • BUILT FOR THE PRO –Framers,...


  • Full-tang design
  • Shock-resistant handle
  • Lifetime warranty


  • High price

 If you are a professional or DIY lover who is serious with your DIY project, this one is the best framing hammer for you.

#6 Real Steel Framing Hammer with Milled Face

The next product in our list of the best framing hammer is a real steel 0517 ultra-framing hammer. This product comes with some features that you will love. One of them is the milled face that could make it easy to stick and hit the nail, but difficult to slip off.

Besides, it comes with a moderate size, which is not too big for heavy-duty but not too small to be useful. And the invaluable feature of this product is the magnetic nail starter that allows you to start a nail by one hand.

The Real Steel is lighter than most of the product on our list. With its weight, it could be easier to control and reduce the pressure on our hands and wrists. However, we are afraid that it could not be as effective as Estwing when you are driving the nails.

Real Steel 0517 Ultra Framing...
  • Stronger & lighter ultra sleek...
  • Forged from one piece steel for...
  • Milled striking face increases...


  • Milled face
  • Magnetic nail starter
  • Lightly lighter
  • Reasonable price


  • Not effective for nail driving

The best carpenter hammer for a beginner who has started with the DIY and wooden craft.

#7 Vaughan & Bushnell California Framer

If you love made-in-USA product, but you can’t afford Estwing, here you are the Vaughan. It is one of the best framing hammers that is made-in-USA but has such a reasonable price that could make you surprise.

And what we like most about this product is the milled face that can grip the nail head to minimize slipping and flying nails. Although it could leave terrible on the surface, you can reduce it if you are careful. Besides, it has a fully polished head with a smoothly swept claw that is borrowed from 999 Style rip hammer.

However, there are some minus points about his product; for example, its handle is wooden. The wooden handle is soft and can naturally reduce the pressure on your hand when working, but it is not as durable as the steel or other materials. Besides, it is not a full-tang model, which means it could break when working with hard jobs.

Vaughan & Bushnell CF2HC...
  • Fully polished head, California...
  • Milled face grips nail heads to...
  • Smooth swept claws is borrowed from...


  • USA made
  • Milled face
  • Smooth swept claw
  • Extra-large striking look
  • Reasonable price


  • Wooden handle
  • Not a full-tang version

Best framing hammer for a beginner who wants to try with DIY but not for professionals with an immense workload.

#8 Martinez Tools Titanium Handle 

When buying anything, we always prefer the one with an explicit origin so that we can trust. And Martinez is such a reliable that you can trust. Because this is one of the best framing hammers that comes from the USA.

What makes this product unique is the titanium handle, which is lighter but stronger and more durable. The titanium also the best materials that reduce shock on your arm when working on hard plastic. Besides, it has a replaceable and interchangeable milled steelhead with a curved grip.

Can you believe that you can change the head of the hammer once it breaks trails? Yes, you can. Marines provide replacements that you can find easily online or in the store.

Martinez Tools M1 Titanium...
  • Shock reducing titanium handle
  • Replaceable and interchangeable...
  • Replaceable and interchangeable...


  • High-quality head material
  • Titanium handle
  • Made in the USA
  • Replaceable and interchangeable milled steel head and curved grip
  • Suitable weight


  • Very Expensive

With its super high price and outstanding features, we have to say that it is ideal for professionals only.

#9 The Original Pink Box Steel Hammer

So, if you are looking for a full-tang hammer with a small budget, this is precisely the best carpenter hammer for you.  

The hammer has a smooth face, which can slip more comfortable, but it will not leave an ugly scar on your workpiece when you make a mistake. Besides, it has a slip-resistant handle so that it will stick on your hand when you work. And the one-piece steel construction also makes it’s more durable and longer-lasting.

And do you know why it is pink? Because you will always find out which is your harmer! For less than $20, this could be the best product ever.

The Original Pink Box PB16SHM...
  • One-piece steel construction is...
  • Slip resistant handle for a secure...
  • Always know which hammer is yours...


  • Full-tang version
  • Smooth face
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • A suitable weight for a woman
  • Unique colour


  • Lightweight

This one is most suitable for a woman using, not because of its colour but because of its lightweight and easy to use.

In conclusion, although it is expensive, the Estwing Framing Hammer E3-22SM will be the best framing hammer in our list. Because it has a solid construction and so many different applicants that can debate the price.

Best Framing Hammer In 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

A hammer is a force amplifier that can convert mechanical work into kinetic energy and back again. Once you swing a hammer, it will deliver more power to the nail.

The best framing hammer is the one that has the perfect weight division o the handle and the head side, with foremost material and incredible construction.

Best framing hammer How to choose Best carpenter hammer

Besides, striking power plays a vital role in selecting the best hammer for you. And these features mainly depend on the weight of the head.

So, above is the technical meaning of a hammer. And here are some factors for you to select the best framing hammer.

The Face Of The Hammer

The look is the essential part and also the central role that decides if your stick is the best framing hammer or not. The front of a hammer is the part that will hit the nails when you use them. And do you know that not all hammer faces are the same?

Like another working tool, you should choose the hammer face based on the smoothness of the face. But unlike another device, the miller it is, the better it will be because the hammer with the smooth face can slip off the nail easily if you don’t make a dead-on hit. Which means you will waste your time and effort to hit the frame instead of the nails.

Instead, a milled face is less likely to slip off, so it works more efficiently. It is a significant factor when you have a considerable workload or if you are just beginners. However, once you make a wrong hit, it will leave a nasty mark – which is worse than a smooth face.

Right Head Weight

The head weight is the vital factor that will help you do the whole task efficiently. And we are afraid that we can say what is the best weight number for the best framing hammer. Because it is various, and there is no exact number.

The only thing you should know is the best framing hammer will have a suitable head weight, which is perfect amalgam with the handle. In other words, the importance of the handle and the head must balance the overall weight.

We recommend that you should prefer the head weight of 16 oz to 22 oz. Because the massive head will require less power but challenging to handle, so you should choose the suitable weight so that you can reduce your effort while finishing your task efficiently.

Tang Is A Critical Factor

The best framing hammer should be the full-tang hammer. And a full-tang stick is the one that is cast from a single piece of metal, and the handle or the head is only the other parts of a similar article. There are no weak spots that could break in a full tang hammer.

 However, most big hammers are not full-tang. Typically, the handle attaches to the head of the stick through a groove or slot in the head. And as you are imagining, it could break sometime. So, the best framing hammer could be the one that lasts long, and it is full tang model.

Handle Of The Hammer

The handle of the stick is the last factor among the four main elements of the best framing hammer. And it is even more important than the head or the face of the hammer because once it breaks, your workpiece is not the only thing that it hurts.

So, the best framing hammer is the one with the most durable handle. And it should use these materials:

  • Steel: Steel is the most durable handle, but it also the one that transfers a lot of shock through them to your hand. We recommend steel handle for the hobbyist with the small workload, but not for professional users.
  • Fibreglass: it is the middle material, which is less intense and less shock at the same time. So, it could be suitable even if you have to work hard.
  • Wood: Wood is perfect material that could prevent your arm from every kind of shock. But it is not as durable as other materials, especially if you have to work outdoor.

If you find it is difficult to choose, you should select any of them with rubber coating. It will help your hand stick on the handle without any harm or hurt.  


Q: Where are the replacement heads of the Martinez? And how much do they cost?

A: Of course, the best place to buy is on his website, and they are $50.

Q: Does Vaughan hammer have a smooth face? For finish carpentry?

A: This is a framing hammer; it’s a bit heavy and prolonged for finish carpentry. You might consider a 16-oz or lighter for trim and finish.

Q: Does Estwing has a waffle-head. Is it a smooth headed hammer?

A: The “M” designation in the 22SM model number indicates it is milled. (waffle faced) The 22S is smooth-faced.

Q: How much does the head of the Fiskars hammer weigh? Also, what is the warranty on these?

A: This one might be a little heavy at 22oz but they due offer 20oz and smaller With a lifetime warranty

Final Verdict – Your Best Framing Hammer Of Choice?

In the last word, we want to say that a tool will decide who you are. A smart person will choose the intelligent device and use it brilliantly. And this is true with the framing hammer.

Instead of paying 5 dollars for a low-quality hammer that could hurt your arm and could last for seven weeks. Why don’t you invest 10 dollars to a high-quality product with better working performance, more extended durability and better protection?

If you agree with us, you should find out the best framing hammer now. And if you don’t know how to find it, scroll up and reread the article. All the information in this article is beneficial for you. At least you will understand clearly how a hammer works, how to recognize the best one, and what is the best framing hammer now.

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