Top 9 Best Flush Cutters For Jewelry Making & Zip Ties (2020 Reviews)

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Best Flush Cutters

Are you looking for the best flush cutters for zip ties cutting or jewelry making? Which brands should you get? Let’s find out with me in this article!

If you are looking for a flush cutter, we think you already have a wire cutter, and you are not happy with it.

In case our thoughts are not right, we want to say congrats because you found this article! And please don’t hesitate to take a few minutes to read through its contents. Bellows are all you need to know about the flush cutter and the best flush cutters in 2019.

And believe us, you will finally understand that instead of buying a wire cutter that can’t help you with jewelry, you should invest in a flush cutter.

Best Flush Cutters 2020 Reviews

So, are you manifest that you have to have a flush cutter in your tote bag, no matter if you are a professional carpenter or just an ordinary people who don’t have enough money to call the carpenter all the time? If you are, let’s come with the list of the best flush cutters in 2020.

#1 Xuron 2175 Flush Cutter

Xuron is one of the best flush cutters for making jewelry and crafts. And this fact is proved to buy thousands of users around the world.

Xuron flush cutter will help you to cut the wire easily with a little filing to do and a little effort to make. It is perfect for both the professional worker and beginner. 

You can use a Xuron cutter to cut plastic material. But it can’t cut more than 12g. Sterling or soft copper/bronze wire. You can use it for sterling, fine silver, gold, platinum, brass, bronze, and niobium wire. But stay away from steel and titan or memory wire.

Xuron 2175 Maxi-Shear Flush...
  • Type: Maxi-Shear
  • Style: Flush
  • Capacity: Up to 12 AWG Copper wire.
  • Compact size
  • Solid and durable
  • Can cut most of the material
  • Require less pressure when used
  • Can’t use for steel, titan, memory wire

Xuron is the best flush cutter for the beginner who has just started with making jewelry. 

#2 Wiha Flush Cutters

The main reason why Wiha becomes one of the best flush cutters is the low wear lap joint. Which means it can withstand high levels of workload. And as a result, the Wiha can cut up to 64hRC wire.

Wiha also tried their best to produce a high-quality flush cutter with special – C70- steel blade and two-component handles, which is non-slip and soft-grip. So, it could last pretty long.

Also, the blade is perfect, the edges are machined true, parallel, and ground flush to a satin finish. It is very comfortable in hand and incredibly sharp when cut!

Wiha 32760 | ESD Flush Cutting...
  • Low wear lap joint, riveted and...
  • Lightweight action, clean cutting
  • Long life edge is achieved through...
  • High- quality and perfect design blade
  • Good handles
  • Long durability
  • Require lightweight action but result in clean cutting
  • High price

Even it is quite expensive, it’s worth to invest in Wiha flush cutter. It is the best choice for professional who has great workload every day.  

#3 Breadsmith Flush Cutter

PL306 is a typical product of the Breadsmith company. And what brings this product to our list of the best flush cutters is the perfect handles. Breadsmith designed the PL306’s handles with a unique contour to perfectly fit in your hand when working.

There will be no slipping, no hard or hurt. It is comfortable and easy to use. One more thing about its handles is the double-leaf springs, which can enable these tools to reduce strain on your hands when working. It means less fatigue, less time, but more effectiveness.

The Beadsmith Casual Comfort...
  • The Casual Comfort line of tools...
  • he handles feature a soft vinyl...
  • Flush cutters may be used to trim...
  • Special-designed handles to reduce fatigue but enhance work performance
  • Reliable brands
  • Long-chain nose plier
  • Easy to use
  • Require safety glasses when cut.

It is suitable for most users, no matter if you are a DIY lover or a craftsman or a regular person who has to fix things in your house. 

#4 Hakko Soft Wire & Flush Cutter

We have to say that Hakko desires to become one of the best flush cutters ever! It has a 14mm-long jaw with angled head for cutting rubber seals and soft wires that is up to 10 gauge (2.5mm).

And Hakko also designed this flush cutter with a 21-degree angled cutting surface. So it can easily access in a dense component area. The blade is HCR 58-rated 3.0mm heat-treated carbon steel. The strong point of carbon steel is stable and durable, but it can also be rusted easily.

About the handles, Hakko has “dolphin-style” handles, which are non-slip and comfort. They also have curved fore-edge to protects your hands when cut. 

Hakko CHP TRR-58-G Macro Soft...
  • Flush-cut medium soft-wire cutter...
  • 21-degree angled cutting surface...
  • HRC 58-rated 3.0mm heat-treated...
  • Perfect designed blades
  • Can cut up to the 10-gauge wire
  • “Dolphin-style” handles for non-slip and easy to control
  • Easy to cut and reduce fatigue
  • Corrosion-resistant handle
  • The module can be rusted after a long time using it.

Hakko can be the best choice if you are a DIY lover, and you only do it for fun. If you’re serious and want to develop jewelry making, you should consider the other type.

#5 Eurotool Flush Side Cutter Pliers

Euro Tool is one of the best flush cutters for wire wrapping and jewelry making. They can cut cleanly and precisely the first time. And even if you are a beginner, you can comfortably use this cutter for many hours. We recommend Euro Tool for wire wrapping since they can cut through 19-26 gauge of wire with ease.

For the first time seeing it, you may hesitate because its price is so affordable. But trust us, it is cheap, but it is sturdy and durable. The central pivot is solid and thick rivet. It also has a pointy, narrow end slips, which is better than any other tool we have found.

EURO TOOL Eurotool XTL-0048 XS...
  • Pliers are 3.5 inches long
  • These pliers are intended for...
  • Not recommended for heavy duty...
  • Light, small and effective
  • Great for small projects and soft materials
  • Reasonable price
  • Too small

With the tiny size, it is only suitable for small projects. So, in our opinion, you can buy it to better complete your tool kit, while the usual wire cutting you have to use another type.

#6 Coil Master Wire & Flush Cutters 

In our experiences, we used the Coil Master as a snips-zip for flush cutting in tight places. And it could be the best flush cutters in this case. It is about 5 inches from tips to tail with medium-large blades, which makes it is suitable for only medium-large hands.

The Coil Master flush cutter worked as intended, and it is very slim that it could cut in thigh conners. Besides, it has excellent pliers to make high-performance. You will not need to worry about the kinks on your jewelry or things like this. It could bring you the perfect cut.

Coil Master 100% Authentic...
  • Spring Loaded
  • Designed for cutting all gauges of...
  • Chrome-Vanadium Steel construction
  • Ideal size for tight corners.
  • Can make the perfect cut
  • Vanadium steel construction for better cutting performance
  • High price
  • Not suitable for hard material

Since it has a high price and it is not suitable for cutting hard material, we have to say that it should be the accessories for your tool kit instead of the main tool. 

#7 Tronex Flush Cutter

Tronex 5222 is one of the best flush cutters and the most popular brands in 2019. Of course, Tronex is the best for jewelry making, but you can also use this cutter to wrap wire and make smooth cuts.

You can easily use Tronex 5222 to cut 18g to 20g wire. And when you need to cut metal after wrapping a brad in wire precisely, it could make a perfect cut for you. There is no flying piece although the cut is substantial.

Besides, the small handles are precisely the plus for users. The curved handles make it very easy to use. And the flush cutter accompanies with a blade protector when it is not in use, too.

Cutters – Tronex Taper Head,...
  • Flush Cutting Edge
  • Rated for 38-18 AWG Soft Copper...
  • Standard Length Handle
  • Made – in – USA product
  • Perfect for cutting 18g-22g wire
  • Create a sharp cut without flying piece
  • Includes a blade protector
  • Specially designed handles
  • The blade is not very sharp
  • High price

We have nothing to complain about this product, except for the price. So it could be the best flush cutter for anyone. 

#8 KNIPEX Tools Flush Diagonal Cutters Set

Knipex toolset is the only set in our list of the best flush cutters in 2019. The collection includes diagonal cutter 72 01 140 and 72 01 080. The two flush cutters in this set have cutting face flush ground, with the non-beveled for cutting plastic components or plastic, tie-wraps, and soft metals.

The blade is vanadium electric steel and oil-hardened, which makes it robust, sturdy, and durable. You can easily use this product for not only making jewelry but also for doing many other tasks like cutting electric cables.

The only thing we want to change about Knipex is the spring-loaded handles. It makes storing the pliers a bit of a pain.

KNIPEX Tools 9K 00 80 90 US...
  • Set includes diagonal cutter #'s 72...
  • Cutting face flush ground
  • Non-beveled for flush cutting...
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Multiple usages
  • Reasonable price
  • Spring-loaded handles make it pain when working

This one is not suitable for professional jewelry makers who have an excellent workload every day. You will not want to work with pain. 

#9 Beadalon Flush Cutter

The last item in our list of the best flush cutter is the Beadalon Flush cutter. Beadalon makes your jewelry designs are much more comfortable than ever.

The handles are straightforward to grip, and you can use this cutter to cut through 16gauge wire without any difficulty. The only weak point of this product is the ends of the blades are not pointed, so it is sometimes challenging to reach tiny tight spaces.  

In short, it is not the best flush cutters for the professional. But it is one of the best flush cutters for the price.

Beadalon Flush Cutter
  • Ultra high quality cutter
  • Excellent choice for making flush...
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Sharp blades and suitable for cutting 16gauge wire
  • Easy-to- grip handles
  • Reasonable price
  • Can’t reach tiny tight spaces

Although it is not suitable for small details that need meticulousness, it is still handy for most other purposes. Please try it!

After reviewing the 9 best flush cutters, we think that Tronex is the best flush cutter among all. Although it has a high price, it is not much different from other products. So, by investing a little more money, you have an excellent product that is efficient, productive, and long-lasting.

Why Should You Buy A Flush Cutter?

Best flush cutters features

In our experience, it will be more intelligent to find out why should you buy a flush cutter first. Because if you don’t understand what benefits it can bring to you, you will not be interested in the best flush cutters

What Is The Benefit Of A Flush Cutter?

A Flush cutter is a wire cutter that people often use in jewelry making. Because when making a piece of jewelry, a ring, or earrings, you will need to create a perfect cut that is smooth and gorgeous. And the standard wire cutter can’t help you to create that cut.

So, as a result, somebody invented the “flush cutter” based on the model of wire cutter. 

And in our experience, it works amazingly with metal things. By using a flush cutter, your cut will be smooth, neat, and flash. And it is not only for making jewelry only, but it is also essential when you need to create and precise cuts like cutting a cable or an electronic wire.

How Many Types Of Flush Cutters?

The flush cutter aims to create a need, flat, and smooth cut, and that is all thanks to the combination of flat side and beveled side.

Besides, the flush cutter requires less pressure for the user when you need to cut something. As a result, it can protect your carpal tunnel.

There are two main types of flush cutter:

The Standard Flush Cutter

The standard flush cutter is just a small type among wire cutters. They have the essential features like a flat blade, beveled blade. But they require more pressure than the other types.

Besides, of course, the standard’s cut can’t be as smooth as a super flush cutter. However, the blade of the rule is more flexible than the other one.

Super/ Ultra – flush cutter

The super/ ultra – flush cutters require less pressure, and it can also reduce shock on the wire better than the standard one. These features make it the best flush cutters for workers who have to cut hundreds of cables every day.

However, you must be careful when using the super flush cutters since its edges can wear out or break easily. You have to use them to cut some materials properly. 

How To Use A Flush Cut Wire Cutters?

There is no difficulty if you want to use a flush cutter, even for the beginner or an amateur. But to create a perfect cut, you will need some tips and skills. Follow these steps to improve your reduction!

  • Step 1: hold the flush cutter and make it perpendicular to the cable/ wire that you want to cut. Remember that you should turn the flat side toward the longer part of the fence. 
  • Step 2: Position the tip of your finger over the beveled part of the blade to resist the wire from flying away when you cut.
  • Step 3: press handles together firmly to make sure you get the job done after only one cut.

Tips For Using Flush Cutter Safety

  • Put your fingertip of your finger over the beveled part of the blade so that the small piece of wire can not flying away.
  • But don’t put your finger too close to the blade, at lease leave a distance of 2-5 mm. 
  • It is not comfortable when wearing gloves to work with small items in jewelry. But at least you should wear a glove for the hand that you will use to prevent the wire from flying away. 
  • Check the blade, again, to make sure the material and the size of the edge are suitable. Even the best flush cutters cannot cut all materials and sizes. You must remember: 
  • The content of the blade must be harder than the content of the object that you want to cut.
  • Each brand of the flush cutter has a limit on the diameter of the object that will be cut.

Best Flush Cutters – Buying guide 

How to choose the best flush cutters?

There is no perfect tool that could help you with everything you want. But there is always something that can meet most of your requirements. Before buying any new flush cutter, please note the factors below, and you will find the best flush cutters for your task.

1. Understand Your Demands 

The best way to find the best flush cutters is to understand very clearly what you want to do. Even flush cutter is the perfect choice for jewelry makers and metal workers. There are different types for different tasks.

For example, if you are an amateur DIY who always try making something new on your own, a standard flush cutter is for you. But if you are a professional jewelry maker, you can consider choosing an ultra- flush cutter since it can help you to create the perfect cut. And if you always have to bring it along, you can find your best flush cutters among compact size.

2. Check Out The Blades 

There is a rule for you when looking for the best flush cutters. The material of the blade has to be stronger than the substance of the object you will cut.

So, if you want to cut thick metal, you must use a flush cutter with a keen cutting edge. And if you’re going to cut thin metals, you will have more options.

Besides, you can’t use the steel blade to cut aluminum or copper materials. Of course, if you try, you can cut it several times. But your module will be destroyed easily after all.

So, the thing is you have to understand what do you want to cut. Then you should find the blade that is suitable for it. And remember to choose the blade materials that is rustless and solid. 

3. Don’t Forget the Handles 

If you’ve ever had a wire cutter or pill cutter before, and you’re comfortable with old handles, choose the flush cutter that has a similar handle design.

Also, you should choose a type of cutter with handles with metal core (can be stainless steel or aluminum, but do not choose wood or plastic), and the cover is rubber or hard plastic with ribs to increase grip when working.

4. Other Features 


No matter if you are a professional worker or an amateur, you will not want to work with the difficult-to-operate flush cutter. So the best flush cutters will be the ones that can operate without much pressure.


If possible, you should choose the brands that offer you a warranty for two reasons. Firstly, you can trust that they provide the best flush cutters for you. Secondly, when using, if there are any problems, you can contact the brands to find support.


The best flush cutters don’t need to be the most expensive one. And different types of flush cutters have diverse ranges of price. The only advice for you is when you find the most suitable one for you, don’t hesitate to invest a bit more.


1. Are Wiha Cutters For ‘soft’ Wire Only, Or Can These Take ‘harder’ Wire?

These work fine on 16 gauge and thinner stranded wire. It might not last long if you try to cut hard wiring like used in homes.

2. How Insulated Are Xuron Cutters? Will They Be Alright For Cutting Small Amounts Of Molten Glass?

Absolutely! Handle pads very thick and comfortable.

3. What’s The Thickest Gauge Pl306can Be Used To Cut Through?

The thickest wire I have cut is 12 gauge.

4. Is Hakko Strong Enough To Cut The Jewelry Gold Chain?

We regularly use these to cut up to 12g wire (silver, gold fill), with the most common being 16g

5. Will Tronex Cutter Cut 20 Gauge Brass Wire At The Tip?

 It will, but it is only supposed to be used for 22gauge wire and up. It is perfect for getting in very close to cut wrapping wires that are 24, 26, and 28 gauge.

Final verdict – Found Your Best Flush Cutter? Xuron 2175?

Again, you can’t find the best flush cutters for everyone. You can only see the best flush cutters for your tasks and your demands. And we hope that the information above is enough for you to make the right decision.

In this case, a flush cutter can help you in most of your DIY works. So don’t forget to buy a new one for your tool bags. And if you have anything to share and ask, we are always here to welcome you. 

DIY: How To Use Flush Cutter for Jewelry Making

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