5 Best Exhaust Clamps | Top Picks, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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best exhaust clamps

Pipes in exhaust systems, in any vehicle, are usually welded together. However, in some cases, exhaust clamps will still be found connecting those pipes together, especially when the pipes have been changed to the aftermarket ones.

Here, exhaust clamps simply just serve one purpose, as its name, that is to hold different components together. Despite its uncomplicated function, exhaust clamps play quite an important role in the system. Without it, exhaust fumes can escape, which is extremely dangerous. Thus, take your exhaust clamps seriously!


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Best Exhaust Clamps 2020 Reviews

After a few general introductions to exhaust clamps, with all the general information needed about it, let us take you to a list of 5 best exhaust clamps in the market. 

#1 TOTALFLOW U-Bolt Exhaust Muffler Clamp

With heavy-gauge/stainless-steel material, these exhaust clamps are solidly built and will definitely last for a long time. You don’t have to worry about your clamps worn off within a short span of time. 

TOTALFLOW Natural Finish 1.5"...
  • Saddle U-bolt exhaust Muffler clamp...
  • Seal Muffler Inlets, outlets, elbow...
  • Available in a wide range of styles...
  • Stainless steel material
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable price
  • U-bolt type clamp, might ruin your pipes
  • Poor serviceability

On the other hand, this clamp is sworn by many customers for its sturdy construction. It comes with ⅝ nuts that allow you to tight your clamps solidly, securing all those pipes. Beefy, it works like a champ. 

#2 EXHAUST-MATE Heavy Duty U-Bolt Exhaust Clamp

Made from aluminized coated steel, this U-bolt clamp from Exhaust-Mate is good for heavy-duty pipework. No leak involved! Moreover, the coated helps the clamps refrain from corrosion well. 

Exhaust-Mate 35794 3" Heavy...
  • Exhaust-Mate offers a variety of...
  • Helps to ensure a leak-free...
  • Constructed from durable and robust...
  • Durable and robust material
  • Can do heavy-duty work
  • Cost-effective.
  • U-bolt type clamps sometimes ruin your pipes
  • Poor serviceability.

Ranked second place in Automotive Exhaust Systems & Parts on Amazon, this clamp is highly recommended by so many people if you want to have the best exhaust system working. 

#3 EVIL ENERGYButt Joint Exhaust Band Clamp

Band clamps are popular for its ease of instalment, as well as its ability to keep the pipes as its original state. Likewise, this band clamps from Evil Energy is a perfect option if you wanna keep your exhaust tubes for long time use. 

EVIL ENERGY 3.0 Inch Butt...
  • Joins 3.0" OD pipe to 3.0" OD pipe,...
  • Butt joint band clamps is a simple,...
  • Distributes the clamping force...
  • Stainless steel, aluminized steel material
  • No over-compressed. Can keep the pipes in its original state
  • Improved sealing.
  • High cost
  • Thin wall, might be distorted quickly if two pipes are not perfectly fit.

On the other hand, this band clamp is also designed to distribute the compressing force evenly on the pipes joint, preserving the shape of those pipes, and preventing exhaust gas to be leaked. 

#4 AMAAM U-Bolt Muffler Clamps

Another U-bolt clamp, from another manufacturer, Amaam. This clamp is perfectly shaped to welded the pipes without any slops. Besides, this clamp is made from tough material and anti-rust coating. Double layers ensuring your clamp won’t rust out your exhaust system

Heavy Duty Saddle Style U-Bolt...
  • Heavy duty u-bolt exhaust saddle...
  • Made from steel with anti-rust...
  • Diameter shown is inside diameter...
  • Sturdy construction
  • Rustproof robust material
  • Good price value.
  • Might distort pipe shape
  • Poor serviceability.

On an extra note, the screw threads at both ends stick out beyond the nut, leaving space for other things to be installed if needed. 

#5 SPEEDWOW Butt Joint Exhaust Clamp

This band clamp comes handy for anyone who wants to fix their exhaust system without any hassles. It provides a 360-degree blocking to let the pipes is not distorted or damaged while still ensure no leaking happens. 

SPEEDWOW 2.5 Inch 2 1/2 Butt...
  • Exhaust clamp is used for 2.5 Inch...
  • No welding design makes exhaust...
  • The reaction block provides a full...
  • Stainless steel material, hard to rust
  • Detailed instruction & guidance attached
  • Long-term warranty (compared to any clamps mentioned).
  • Thin wall of product
  • High cost

Like any other clamps in this list, Amaam’s U-bolt clamp is made from stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry of a rusty exhaust system for quite a long time. 

Which Clamps For Your Ride?

Exhaust clamps come in a variety of shapes and designs, or even sizes, allowing them to support different kinds of exhaust pipes. Here are some most popular clamp types in the market. 


Just like how it is named, U-Bolt clamp is basically a clamp shaped as letter U, with screw threads on both ends. 

Primarily used in almost all pipework, this is probably the most popular type of clamps. With its standard shape, you just need to twist the clamps tight enough so that the tubes are crimped, avoiding any chances of leaking. Nevertheless, by the same way of compressing, it usually either crushes the pipes or locks those together forever. 

Ball and Socket

This clamp is a bit more special for its designs. It includes a round-ball end that could fit inside a pipe-end flared socket. The two are then compressed together by a two-bolt or three-bolt ring on either side of the joint. Although this type of clamp is reusable, it is not really popular in the exhaust clamps market. 


This kind of clamps came in two forms. One is a pre-made ring, ready to use. The other one is a flat strap that allowed you to wrap it around the pipe joint, and bend to lock it. Both of these types create a perfect seal for the two pipes, and still even allowing users to adjust the angle of the pipes for best fitted application. 

Band clamps usually come in a variety of sizes, offering a good cover for any sizes of pipes. Easily to be installed, comparably cheap, and leaving the pipes reusable after removed, band clamps are also a good choice other than U-bolt. 


With a built-in angled groove connecting the flanges of the exhaust system housing and the pipes, V-band clamps are typically used for the turbo exhaust system. Yet this clamp is mostly a choice for anyone with hind-end vehicles for its pricey tag.

This kind of clamps includes two interlocking rings that will be welded to the pipes, and one bigger ring covering the mentioned two to create a sturdy construction. There you go, leak-free and stable pipes.

When Should You Change Your Clamps?

As we have mentioned above, exhaust clamps are small yet important. Considering that it holds the pipes together, once it gets broken or worn down, the tubes might come loose. 

This situation lets it hanging under the car, or even worse, releasing the fumes. 

Thus, check your system regularly and see if your clamps have any of the signs below. 

  • If the pipes are apparently hanging under your vehicle. 
  • If your clamps have signs of rust. Corrosion is quite normal in all exhaust systems, but you’d still need to notice if there are any excessive damages.
  • If your exhaust system is getting quite noisy out of sudden.
  • If your vehicle does not pass the emissions test. 

If you experience any of those signs, it’s time for you to take a look at your exhaust system, especially your exhaust clamps. Nothing is more dangerous to your vehicles and you yourself are having pipes handing under and the poisonous fumes getting out. 

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q: Why Is “not Passing The Emission Test” Considered As A Sign To Replace Or Change Your Clamps?

A: Since a majority of emission tests include measuring the exhaust gas leaks through an outside sensor, along with checking the emission coming from the tailpipe. In this case, your ride could fail the test due to the amount of exhaust fumes leaked out by loosen or broken clamps. 

Q: What To Do When You Suspect Your Clamps Are Loosened?

A: Step-by-step instruction: 

  • Examine the exhaust pipes. 
  • Get the right type of clamps for your vehicle. 
  • Physically verify the perimeter of your clamps to make sure it matches with the exhaust pipes. 

Note: Wrong size clamps can cause more damage to the pipes in your exhaust system. Worst scenario: You might even have to replace the whole system for your ride. 

Q: How to Clamp an Exhaust?

A: Some steps you should bear in mind while changing your exhaust clamps: 

  • Safety gear! (Never forget this step while working with any machines) 
  • Loosen your old clamps
  • Remove the nuts to disassemble it 
  • Put the saddle on the exhaust pipe (make sure don’t tighten your HEX nuts)
  • Press down on the pipe joints, ensure the connection is already settled
  • Get a socket that matches the size of the HEX nuts and attaches it to the ratchet
  • Rotate your ratchet to close the nuts
  • Double-check the nuts to ensure all of them have been tightened. If not, repeat the previous step. You should notice that the exhaust pipe is pulling in under the pressure of exhaust clamp 
  • Last but not least, try to pull the clamp to ensure that it is fixed in place.

Check on your HEX nuts after any steps to see if they are all firmly locked. Just repeat the precedent step to make sure your nuts and clamps are fixed into places. 

Q: What Kind Of Exhaust Clamps Should I Get For My Car?

A: This totally depends on your preference, and especially, your exhaust joints. 

While U-bolt (or Saddle) clamps ensure the tightest connections, it might distort the pipes, making it quite difficult to separate the pipe joints once it was clamped down.

Band clamps are not as strong as a seal as u-bolt clamps. However, if you want to preserve your pipes for the aftermarket, we would like to recommend this type of clamps. It won’t cause any damage or distortion to your exhaust pipes. Moreover, it makes installing and uninstalling those exhaust joints much easier. 

No matter which type of clamps you pick, the exhaust system is still mechanical in nature, which can not typically controlled or monitored by sensors. Thus, make sure to check and re-torque periodically because they can loosen up or get rusty with use over time. 

Q: What Would Be Affected If I Use The Wrong Clamps?

A: Wrong types of clamps used in incompatible modern vehicles can lead to negative impacts on the following.

  • Sealability – Wrong clamps in terms of size or type can create gaps in between pipes, leaking poisonous exhaust fumes.  
  • Durability – Cheaping on clamps or not taking the durability seriously can make you suffer in the long run. No one wants a rusty exhaust system. 
  • Serviceability – Pick the right clamp for your ride can help you avoid damaging the other components in the exhaust system. 

Q: Are Exhaust Clamps Reusable? 

A: Even though it is possible to reuse your old clamps, it is commonly not advisable to do so. Re-using your clamps might lead to worse damages or leaking in the long run. Don’t cheap out on small components when it comes to your beloved vehicle. Get new clamps. 


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Final Words – Your Best Exhaust Clamp?

Having a vehicle means taking care of its components diligently for your best advantage of using it. While other parts sometimes seem somewhat more important, the exhaust system is one crucial feature that affects most of the performance and lifespans of the engine. 

At some point, whether you completely replace or just repair your exhaust system, you will find yourself needing to change your pipe clamps. We really hope our shortlist above will help you get the best exhaust clamps for your ride. Remember, get the best components for your ride and you will save yourself a whole bunch of troubles. 

Don’t forget to check out more essential Clamps that you might need.

Latest Exhaust Clamp BestSellers ON SALE!

Bestseller No. 1
EVIL ENERGY 2.5 Inch 2 1/2...
  • Joins 2.5" OD pipe to 2.5" OD pipe,...
  • Butt joint band clamps is a simple,...
  • Distributes the clamping force...
ON SALEBestseller No. 2
Exhaust-Mate 35794 3" Heavy...
  • Exhaust-Mate offers a variety of...
  • Helps to ensure a leak-free...
  • Constructed from durable and robust...
ON SALEBestseller No. 3
Walker (35414) 2-1/2" Standard...
  • Walker offers a variety of clamp...
  • Helps to ensure a leak-free...
  • Constructed from durable and robust...

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