5 Best Demolition Jackhammers For Tile Removal | Top Picks 2020, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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It is not easy to remove tile. For so many people, eliminating roofing can be a hard problem that needs long-term and hard-working. But do you know that it doesn’t have to be as tricky as your imagination?

By using the demolition hammer, you can remove the tile easily. And with the demolition hammer, you can reduce your working time as well as the effort. So, instead of wasting time on working with heavy-duty tasks, let’s spend this amount of time to buy the best demolition hammer for tile removal.

Best Demolition Hammers For Tile Removal

So, here we come with another challenge. It is not easy to define if your hammer is the best demolition hammer for tile removal or not.

In this article, we have detailed information on the best demolition hammer for tile removal with the buying guides. Check it out and find your one!

Top 5 Best Demolition Hammers For Tile Removal 2020 Reviews

#1 XtremepowerUS 2200W Demolition JackHammer

The Xtremepower US is the best demolition hammer for tile removal on our list. It is the best product for the price. And what we like most about this product is the chisels included in the set. It means that you will get more value than buying other demolition hammers.

Besides, the XtremepowerUS comes with an anti-vibration system that works efficiently to protect you from excess wear on your arms, your hands, elbows, and waist when working. The system has the balance weight for both horizon and verticality. And it will result in perfect center gravity for reposition and use.

And another strong point of this product is the adjustable chisel angle and speed. We always appreciate the one that is adjustable since we can flexibly use it in a small area like in a bathroom or kitchen. And do you know that you only have to pay half price compared with other products for such an outstanding hammer?

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy...
  • It is perfect for demolition,...
  • Ideal for Home and Commercial with...
  • Adjustable 360 degree foregrip...
  • Other chisels available
  • Anti-vibration system for better hand-protection
  • Weight balanced
  • Adjustable chisel angle and speed
  • Oil leaking problems

This product is the best demolition hammer for who needs a demolition hammer but have a limited budget.

#2 TR Industrial Demolition Jackhammer

The second product in our list of the best demolition hammer for tile removal is the TR89100 from TR Industrial company. And here are the strong points of this product:

Firstly, the product includes a set of accessories of a jackhammer, a hex chisel, a flat chisel, a spade chisel, safety goggles, and work gloves. We appreciate it because, with other products, you will difficultly find a tool. But for this product, they even provide you with the safety accessories.

Secondly, the product has excellent heavy-duty drilling power with the 11-amp motor. Its hammer speed can reach 800 blows/ minutes, and when it comes to the 360-degree swivel auxiliary handle, your work will be optimized.

And it is also very safe in use, not only because of the accessory includes in the set, but also the technical factor that was tested for a long time. With all of these features, you can use this product to break through concrete, clay, floors, tiles and more.

TR Industrial-Grade 4-Piece...
  • Super heavy-duty electric...
  • Industrial grade 1-3/4 HP 1240 Watt...
  • SDS bit chuck; includes three large...
  • Different types of chisels included in the set
  • Have safety accessories for users
  • High hammering speed
  • Durable power but safe in use
  • Good price
  • Motor not dust-sealed

The best demolition hammer for tile removal and breakthrough clay, floor, concrete and more. 

#3 DEWALT Max Demolition Hammer with Shocks

Dewalt is the best demolition hammer for tile removal in case you are looking for a lightweight product. By only searching at the weight of 37 pounds, you will find it is not lightweight at all. But when compared with other products, you will see it has a half influence but similar working power. And it means you can work for hours without being fatigued.

Besides, the product also accompanies an active vibration control where the drill actively compensates for the vibrations it will make when in use. And what makes this product unique is the dust-sealed feature, which can lengthen the lifespan of the product.

Finally, it has only moderate power, which is sufficient for normal working, but not for the concrete walls or pools.

DEWALT Demolition Hammer, SDS...
  • 14.0 Amp motor provides high...
  • Shocks Active Vibration Control...
  • Non-air pumping beatpiece...

The best demolition hammer for tile removal in small to moderate projects with not very hard and robust materials.

#4 Makita 20 lb. Demolition Hammer

Makita is the fourth product in our list of the best demolition hammer for tile removal in 2019. And what leads this product to our list is the 10 AMP moto that could deliver 2.000 BPM for the most challenging applications.

Besides, the product also has a comfortable rubber D-shaped grip side handle that can absorb vibration. As a result, it will be safer and more convenient in use. The product also offers you a one-year warranty for mechanism mistakes.

Although it is more substantial than expected, it could dig any size hole in the hardest ground. It will even ruin concrete with the chisel attachment.

Makita HM1211B 20 lb....
  • Powerful 10.0 AMP motor delivers...
  • Comfortable rubber D-shaped grip...
  • One-touch latch bit retainer for...

The best product for a small working project, like removing the tile in your kitchen or your bathroom.

#5 F2C Heavy Duty Demolition Jack Hammer

And the last product in our list of the best demolition hammer for tile removal is the F2C 2200W hammer. This product is one of the best on the market for its sturdy and durable quality that can help us to demolish the surfaces quickly.

Besides, the product weight is only 45 pounds, but it can deliver 1900 blows/ minutes with 55 impact joules driven by a 2.200-watt motor. If you are buying the F2C, it means that you own the bargain with qualified performance and less investment.

The package includes blow mold case, a bull point chisel, a flat chisel, oil defender, hexagon bar wrench, glove, safety goggle, and safety mask. It is such a perfect set that you don’t need to buy any other accessories.

F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric...
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz, Input...
  • No Load Speed: 1900 Impacts Per...
  • Blowmod Case Inculded

The best demolition hammer for initial drilling and breaking up the chunks. It is also suitable for massive duty tasks thanks to its high speed and durable power.  

In our opinion, The XtremepowerUS 2200Watt KIT347 includes different chisels, an anti-vibration system, and it is also weight- balanced, too. Since it also has a reasonable price, it’s the best value for the price on our list. 

Best Demolition Hammer Drill For Tile Removal – Buyer’s Guide

Best Demolition Hammers For Tile Removal - How to choose one

It is always a good idea that you should learn about the demolition hammer before purchasing and using it, especially in case you have never used it before. And to help you with these problems, we prepared the buyer guides with some information and useful tips for you to find the best demolition hammer for tile removal.  

Select a Suitable Size

One of the most crucial factors you should consider when buying the best demolition hammer for tile removal is the size. However, in our experience, if you work outdoors, it is not important how big your device is. But if you were working in a small area indoor like in the kitchen or bathroom, you have to pay attention to the size of the hammer. And in this case, the compact sticks are the best choices for you.

There are so many small demolition hammers on the market right now. And among them, the best demolition hammer for tile removal is the one that has a small size but durable power because less power means less productivity.

Besides, you should prefer the product that allows you to adjust the chisel angles so that you can quickly move around the corner in the small room to finish your work.

Demolition Jackhammer Power

Different models of the hammer will apply electrical energy into mechanical engineering motion differently. As a result, their efficiency is various. In theory, the demolition with less energy and high effectiveness has better working performance than the one with low productivity and top power model.

So, it is essential to find out how much strength you need for your task. And you can answer this question by explaining the more straightforward question: what do you want to do with your demolition hammer?

If you want to remove the tile only, a hammer with moderate power is ok. But if you want to remove the thick concrete walls and polls, you should choose the stronger one. We recommend that you should ask the seller for the best demolition hammer for tile remover only. Because it is a waste of money to invest in a robust product, but you never use it up.


There is one rule that is always true when you buy any tools. Getting the best value product for your money is more important than getting the best one. Let us explain. If you pay $100 for a hammer with no accompany chisel, you will have to buy a new knife before you start using it. In another situation, you will pay $120 for a hammer with full accessories. Which option will you choose?

We want to emphasize that you should buy a hammer that includes all the parts needed for your working. Most tile floors will require at least one chisel. Flat chisels are the most popular one, while bull point and shovel will also go a long way in finishing your tasks.

So it is a good idea that you should invest in a product with chisels so that you will get guaranteed compatibility. And when you have a significant workload, the set of a hammer with knives will increase your value.

Final Words – Your Best Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal?

In conclusion, we understand that it is not easy to buy anything online because you will have no chance to take a try. So You need some knowledge about the working field as well as the product before making the decision.

And above is the detailed review of the best demolition hammer for tile removal with the most up-to-date information in 2019. And also in this article is the buying guides with helpful information and useful tips for you to make the right decision and find the best tool for your work.

If you have any question or comment, please feel free to leave a comment and share with us. If you want us to review any other products, please write to us!  

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