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Best cuticle nipper

When it comes to buying a cuticle cutter, it seems to be of few difficulties for anyone. 

However, if you don’t want to have to replace it soon or to get disappointed after only some times of use, there are much more things you have to do. For example, you must read numerous lengthy comments of previous buyers to ensure that you are not going to get trash or to skip something cool. Time-consuming, right?

Fortunately, you can still get your dreamed cuticle nippers just by reading our careful reviews about NINE should-buy cuticle cutters as following.

Let’s get started. 

9 Best Cuticle Nipper 2020 Reviews

Ejiubas Cuticle Nipper – The Best Cuticle Nipper of All

Ejiubas Cuticle Trimmer is on our top list of recommended nippers because it has many unbeatable features. 

The nipper is made of premium stainless steel. Its blade comes in the eagle mouth shape, which is designed to ensure precision in each cut. Therefore, Ejiubas Cuticle Trimmer is both sharp and long-lasting.

Ejiubas Cuticle Trimmer features Ergonomic, and Anti-skip handles design, offering the ease for manoeuvre. Besides, it comes in Chameleon Chic Design, meaning that it has an appealing appearance. Therefore, it can be said that Ejiubas Cuticle Trimmer meets both demands on the usefulness and the aestheticism.

Above all, what we love most when we pick this nipper is that the manufacturer offers Online customer service 24/7. This service is so convenient for those who need further support without knowing someone to ask. Also, if customers are not satisfied with the delivered product, they can return it to get 100% money back.

Cuticle Trimmer Cuticle Cutter...
  • 【High Grade Stainless Steel Makes...
  • 【Ergonomic Handle Design,...
  • 【Effective Jaw Design Of the...
  • Long-lasting cutting edge
  • Packaging can prevent accidental stabs
  • Storage bag help guaranteeing the life span of the nipper
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifelong Guarantee
  • Suitable for all uses: home, spas and salons
  • Affordable
  • Maybe a bit large for some users to use

All of the features above have helped the product get 4.8/ 5 stars of rating on Amazon. Among which,  90% of reviewers gave it five stars.

H-Force Cuticle Trimmer

Another returnable Cuticle cutter that we want to recommend to you is H-Force Cuticle Trimmer.

The Rockhard construction ensures both durability and strength for the product. In addition to surgical-quality, stainless steel material, this model of nipper features handmade cuticle cutter, which makes it so sharp to be much wanted by salons professionals. However, it is also ideal for waterless manicures and pedicures.

Cuticle Trimmer,Professional...
  • Remove the dead skin on the nails...
  • Professional 1/2 jaw cuticle cutter...
  • Cuticle trimmer features...
  • The cutter is still sharp after a long time of frequent nails doing
  • Cuticle cutter is easy to clean
  • Coming with exquisite black flannelette bag packing (for protective purpose and more)
  • Offering lifetime-satisfaction guarantee
  • One colour to choose only
  • The nipper is too small for some people

Almost all customers who had bought H-Force Cuticle Trimmer on Amazon evaluated itas “easy to hold” and “easy to use”. Don’t you know that even people with arthritis in their hands can handle it with ease?

Beautizon Cuticle Trimmer

Presenting on the market in a similar size with H-Force Cuticle Trimmer, the biggest downside of Beautizon Cuticle Trimmer is also the same as the former: it is so small for some users to hold it. However, this can be outweighed by other numerous benefits. This model is given with many compliments from nail professionals for its sharp and precise cutter. 

Though its eagle-mouth-shape blades are so sharp, the nipper is safe to use. It causes no pain to your nail even when you drive it to the tightest zones of your nails to get out the smallest of cuticles.

  • Made from durable material: surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Users’ hands are protected from accidents thanks to the plastics cover of the nipper
  • Lightweight to hold
  • No rust as long as being sterilized appropriately
  • Replacement or a full refund for any unsatisfied
  • Low price
  • A bit stiff
  • Single colour to choose only
  • Being too small to some people

Opove X7 Cuticle Nipper

Opove X7 Cuticle Nipper can impress you by its sturdy look. If you worry about thickened blades of several cuticle nippers could not help you snip all of your excess cuticles, one piece of Opove X7 Cuticle Nipper may address the concern. This is thanks to the model’s hand-filed ultra-thin design, handmade cuticle cutter, and titanium- coated finish.

The grip of X7 has a protective coating, which helps to reduce as much friction as possible. As a result, the durability of the nipper is enhanced. 

Cuticle Nippers 1/2 Jaw...
  • Cuticle nippers ultra-sturdy, high...
  • Ergonomics grip with protective...
  • Made with a surgical-grade high...
  • High accuracy blades made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Rust resistance grip
  • Warranty for lifetime replacement
  • Slightly expensive
  • Not so diverse in colour

If you are a person who loves making days of your friends happier by giving them some small gifts, you may find X7 is an ideal choice. X7 offers you a gift box for your wish of presenting things to others.

Born Pretty Cuticle Nipper

Buying Born Pretty Cuticle Pusher Remover with Nipper means that you get four dual-end pushers and one nipper for your nail caring. 

Because four pushers come in different sizes and shapes, I am sure that they can meet all of your demands regarding beautifying your nails, varying from scraping leftover skin to pushing back cuticles. 

To be detailed: one pusher is for the under-the-nail, one pusher is for under-the-toe-nail, one pusher is for scrapping the nail cuticles, and one pusher is for scrapping the toe cuticles. Then, the nipper can help in trimming those cuticles, dead skin or hangnails. 

BORN PRETTY Cuticle Pusher...
  • Helpful pedicure, manicuring care...
  • Dual-end pusher for pushing and...
  • The blade scrapes the...
  • All tools are sturdy and sharp
  • Beautiful colour
  • There are three colours to choose from: rainbow and silvery
  • Rainbow set is Amazon’s choice – a verification for your buying
  • Pushers are of diverse end-shapes for multiple-purpose use
  • Blades come with a protective cover
  • Don’t come with a case
  • Nipper may rust if it isn’t cleaned appropriately

Although the manufacturer specially designs this model for nail art, manicuring, or pedicure, it can be suitable for home use purpose. Nowadays, many people are so bright and creative that they want to do nails in their own ways. 

Ecbasket Cuticle Trimmer

This set of product is also one of our favourite set for doing nails. It offers users several outstanding features.

Made from high-quality materials, Ecbasket Cuticle Trimmer With Cuticle Pusher promises you that they will be your long-lasting tools. While the cuticle trimmer is of polished stainless steel, the pusher is wear-resistant antirust. Besides, customers love its sharpness.

The set is also competitive comparing all the products mentioned above, either regarding handle design, jaw design or guarantee conditions. It is of ergonomic handle design, no-pulling-or-tugging jaw and lifetime quality guarantee.

Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle...
  • Premium Polished Stainless...
  • Chameleon Ergonomic Handle...
  • Perfect Jaw Design Of the Cuticle...
  • Sharp and durable
  • Affordable
  • Elegant colours: Chameleon (Amazon’s choice), Black, Silvery
  • Sold with storage bag
  • Long-life guarantee for the product’s quality
  • May take time to be able to use it fluently
  • The trimmer may be able to bend

Because the pusher has curved flat end and the sharp knifepoint-shaped end, it can serve two purposes for each time of use. The former pushes up pieces of dead skin for the latter scrapes away dead cuticles.

Familife Manicure Set

Though offering you 11 items within the same set, FAMILIFE L01 11 in 1 is still portable. They include 1 Fingernail Clippers, 1 Toenail Clippers, 1 Cuticle Nippers, 1 Ingrown Toenail Clippers, 1 Cuticle Trimmer, 1 Cuticle & Nail Polish Pusher, 1 Tweezers, 1 Scissor, 1 Nail File, 1 Ear Pick, 1 V-Shaped Cuticle Trimmer. I think this may be one among several reasons making it an Amazon’s choice for “manicure set professional”.

Regarding the purpose of handling cuticles, you can easily find that there are at least four tools you can use, not to mention that some other pieces can be sometimes utilized. All pieces are made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Such a great deal!

FAMILIFE L01 11 in 1 Stainless...
  • Multipurpose Grooming Kit: FAMILIFE...
  • Luxury Unique Gift Set-YOU CAN’T...
  • Content: 11 pcs of manicure...
  • Long-lasting
  • Distinctive and luxury design
  • Can be used as a gift
  • Affordable
  • Returnable

    For other features, the most outstanding and unique one is that this set can play the role of a luxurious gift set with an affordable price (around $26). Hence, you either buy it for your own use or for giving it to others as a thoughtful present.

    Tweezerman V-Cuticle Nipper

    Another Amazon’s choice nipper is Tweezerman V-Cuticle Nipper. 

    For many people, V-cuticle type of nipper still seems to be unfamiliar and unpreferred (hinged type is much more popular). However, they have changed their mind after they knew the nipper.

    Tweezerman V-Cuticle can deal with both hangnails and cuticles, alongside to other grooming needs. So, don’t be afraid that it could not help you much. 

    Owing to its compact design, some people even decide to buy some of the nippers to put it anywhere they may be so that they can use it anytime they need it. For example, they put it in their drawer at work, in their purse, and so on.

    Tweezerman Professional...
    • Nail shaper for easy nail filing
    • Nail brush to clean under nails
    • For trimming cuticles and hangnails
    • Remaining sturdy and high quality for a long time
    • Coming with a magnet-seal protective case
    • A little pricey

    More than just offering a Lifetime Guarantee, the manufacturer offers its customers FREE Lifetime Sharpening. So, if you buy one piece of the product, you will never have to worry about finding a replacement if your nipper gets dull. 

    Bememo 3 Pieces Cuticle Nipper

    This set of product offers one nipper and two dual-end scrapers. All of them are of stainless steel. Therefore, they are durable for a long time. 

    Like other 4.5-star nippers, this Bememo product features ergonomic handle design, helping users perform their cut smoothly to get the desired outcome.

    3 Pieces Cuticle Nipper with...
    • Material: the cuticle remover set...
    • Ergonomic handle design: cuticle...
    • Dual end nail polish scraper:...
    • Serving diverse users: home users, nail professionals, etc.
    • Can be cleaned with ease
    • Coming with a protective tip and storage bag
    • Causing no pain to users’ nails
    • Two lovely colours to choose from (black and chameleon)
    • The cuticle pushers seem not really precise

    The two scrapers are non-slip and designed based on nail structure, so they can scrape away all dead cuticles and push flawlessly. At the price of around $8 for three pieces of nail tools, this is such a bargain to carry out a purchase.

    Useful Guides For Buying Best Cuticle Nippers

    Why Do You Need A Cuticle Nipper?

    Having a cuticle nipper is beneficial for you in many aspects. Those include:

    • It makes your cuticles clean by removing all dead skins having built up around them
    • It beautifies your hands by making it neat 
    • It draws the skin back to shape your cuticle
    • It removes hangnails to make you feel comfortable

    Warning: The Frequent Mistakes Of Most Buyers

    One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to buying cuticle nippers is targeting low-price nippers. They may think that a cuticle nipper should not be at such a high price. This way of thinking is understandable.

    Quality nippers usually cost from $10 to $100. Within the range, you can get the right nipper that trims well and be durable. So, don’t waste your money into many cheap but low-quality nippers.

    What Should You Consider Before Buying A Cuticle Nipper?

    Well, there a variety of factors that one should consider before purchasing a nipper, especially if they want it to last as long as you wish. Here are some of the most critical points.


    Normally, a box-hinged nipper is more heavy-duty than a lap-hinged one. It is also more expensive than the latter. However, sometimes a novel model that is not of hinged type can still satisfy demanding customers (just like Tweezerman V-Cuticle above). So, it seems that the technology that each manufacturer has applied and the degree of dedication they have ever made determine how well a nipper can perform.  

    Cutter shape

    No matter what a round-shaped cutter or a straight-shaped cutter your cuticle is, it can function well to help you get to what you need. It’s all up to your preference and your fluency in using tools. 


    This is such an important criterion you should think about in advance. A nipper with double spring can perform smoother cut than a single-spring. However, single-spring nippers can be easily replaced whenever necessary by a novice.

    There is one another type of nipper spring. It is a barrel spring. This spring can help to cut through and removing thick cuticles. Hence, they are the costliest spring type. It is professional-preferred.


    The handle size is a contributing factor to how convenience you have when using a nipper. If you have long and big hand, let’s choose a nipper with long handles or a big-size nipper because such a nipper can provide you with a comfortable grip.


    You may have known that the smaller the jaw of a nipper is, the more comfortable you can control the tool. However, a large-jaw trimmer can open wider for cutting. It is easier to sharpen, as well. Thus, please investigate the size of a cuticle cutter before you decide whether to buy it or not. 

    If you do nipping for the first times, using small jaw-sized nippers is always a smart strategy. There are the jaw sizes of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and full jaw. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Best cuticle nipper

    Here are some questions that people usually want to come up with. So, let’s take a look because it may be useful for you.

    What Length My Cuticle Nipper Should Have?

    Well, it’s up to how big your hand is and your preference. In fact, 4 inches seems to be the most popular size that users prefer. But, don’t hesitate to order a larger-size nipper if you are comfortable with it. 

    How To Make Cuticle Nippers Clean?

    The manufacturer often provides its customers with detailed instruction regarding this matter. You may find those instructions on the label of the product. Otherwise, you can do some research on sites like Amazon, etc. 

    Here is one of single guide for your reference: Wiping off any debris at first. Then, applying soap and water to wash it. Next, soaking a cotton ball into alcohol and rub it onto the nipper. Subsequently, dry it by soft tissue or cloth. Finally, put it into its protective box until your next use.

    How Should I Make My Cuticle Nipper Sharpened?

    A dull nipper may hurt you instead of helping you remove cuticles as you expect. To sharpen it, you should prepare a flat hone. Then, honing the edge slowly until it gets back into cutting condition needed. 

    Please be aware that this may be a difficult task because the jaw opening is quite small. So, be patient. You will be paid off later.

    Also, there are many service providers out there offering sharpening service for nipper users. All you need to do is going around to find a local service or just surfing the Internet to look for a good one. 

    How To Keep Cuticle Nippers In Good Condition?

    Well, it is not difficult to keep cuticle nippers in its good condition. However, not all users pay enough attention to do those works.

    To ensure the best condition of your nippers, let’s get some machine oil and apply it to the core of the nipper. Also, after each use, clean the nipper carefully, pack it up and keep it dry.

    Final Word – Best Cuticle Nipper?

    It seems that you could not have perfect nails if you don’t have good nippers for helping you remove dead cuticles, hangnails, and so on. 

    Understanding your wish to find the best cuticle nipper, we have done thorough research to recommend you a list of nine should-buy cuticle nippers above. All of them are over-4.5-star products. So, we believe that whatever your taste is, you can choose the most suitable cuticle nipper for yourself from our list.

    Once you make your purchase, please share with us which nipper you have bought. Also, I am glad to have your comments. If you find this article is useful, please kindly share it to others.

    Don’t forget to check out more reviews about Hand Tools here! Thanks, until next time!

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