9 Best Corner Clamps | Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Corner clamp is not a strange term for carpenters. But with unlimited creativity that human being pours in their job today, corner clamps no longer help around with only woodworking. They could be a lot of support to trim papers, cut cartons, or weld into the glass.

Best Corner Clamps

So, now, when you thought of something like a clamp and supposed to go on a 5-minute shopping, you suddenly have to take your phone out and check “How many kinds of clamps do they have?” to fetch one regarding proposed use and just-right budget.

There are plenty of models, with or without special functions, low and high-quality. And, to be sure, they bring you a dizzy before you get a choice.

Well, lucky you if you find us!


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We have narrowed down your possible options, eliminated unacceptable products, and brought here in the table best corner clamps you can trust.

Now, 5-minute shopping is totally possible.

Best Corner Clamps 2020 Reviews

#1 Wolfcraft Right Angle Clamp

Wolfcraft 3415405 is the first we brought up here and with all satisfactory. 

This tool is a right angle biased, so we supposed many people would fit in. However, it’s not our deciding feature. What makes us fall for Wolfcraft is an amazingly straightforward adjustment system. They have a screw, and you twist it to change tightness. Pretty easy, right?

Tightening by screwing is entirely secure, and it won’t go loose even if you leave the clamp for days. The problem of this adjustor is you have to unscrew it to release. But, you guess what? You don’t have to do so with this Wolfcraft 3415405! 


It’s true! They have a quick-release mechanism so you can keep it off in a second. 

The clamp is quite tight because of screws, but it’s still possible to slip if you overdo the acceptable thickness. And let’s be noted, when it moves, the quick-release function turns out obstacle to re-clamp. You are supposed to unscrew and do everything over again.

wolfcraft 3415405 Quick-Jaw...
  • Durable right angle aluminum clamp...
  • 3-inch clamp face with V-groove...
  • 2-1/2-inch jaw capacity handles...
  • Easy adjustment system
  • Massive Jaws with 2.5inch length
  • Too good policy with a 5-year warranty
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Not the best price
  • Quick-release mechanism obstacle re-clamping

Wolfcraft 3415405 right angle clamp is perfect for woodworking or some light industrial art jobs. But you should be serious about buying because the price’s not a joke.

#2 Can-Do Clamp 9001

Can-Do Clamp has been in the favourite for quite long. The outstanding feature here is instant and fast clamping. Can-do aims at a broader range of users, so the manufacturer offers it at a quite affordable price, we could say. And we consider it a good offer because this piece is made of aluminium.

Passing our test, this clamp appears with the exact square corner, so we can say the precision in your work will be guaranteed.

The design comes with an open corner, so besides keeping boards together, you can do drilling through that space if you want. That’s how we see the possibility of Can-do for variety, from complicated woodworking, framing, doweling, and so on. 

Can-Do Clamp
  • Can-Do clamp can do it all! A clamp...
  • Sets up instantly; secures quickly
  • Precise
  • Precise
  • Versatile
  • Reasonable price
  • Removable jaws
  • Sturdy aluminium
  • Easy to mount anywhere ( bench, wall)
  • Maximum 1 and 3/4’’ thickness
  • Uncommon adjustment system

Can-do Mics 9001 is not the strongest or heaviest-duty one, but it is the exact corner clamp that everyone could use for a considerable number of jobs you can think of.

#3 Housolution Alloy Corner Clamp

Housolution Single Handle is the next one of the list you don’t want to miss.

What makes this Housolution corner Clamp popular is its user-friendly design. There are features in this tool paid great attention so that every user can handle it with ease.

For example, the one that we’re delighted about at first sight is a rubber handle. While conventional corner clamps are rounded by hard plastic, this one’s grip is cushioned by a rubber pad to help you feel more comfortable and less awkward.

The adjustment system here is also a rotating screw so that you won’t waste too much energy on clamping.

Besides, with the perfect 90 angles, this one is ideal for decorative jobs as well as woodworking phases with the acquisition of high precision.

Right Angle Clamp, Housolution...
  • Durable right angle clamp, made of...
  • Rubberized single handle with...
  • Maximum clamping range is approx....
  • Premium aluminum alloy die-casting material
  • Rubber on handle
  • Rotating jaw
  • Large jaw (3.74inch). open 2.68inch
  • Lightweight
  • Not support for welding

Housolution single hand corner clamp is a fantastic portable piece that we suggest woodworkers, DIYers, handymen, or art to have in their toolkit.

#4 HORUSDY Corner Clamp

This Horusdy right angle clamp also gained points with us by the non-slip single rubberized handle and flexible jaw. We never doubt it works because the clamp is built on aluminium alloy die-casting construction- too good for the price.

And because of that sturdy frame and large jaw, this clamp can cling well on different furniture, fabrics, papers and support a variety of jobs from simple decoration to welding.

The clamp is robust, but it’s also a problem. As we mentioned, some things like glass can’t stand too much force while it’s too slippery to clamp loosely. This clamp work on glass if only you cushioned the surface by fabric. It won’t crash, and it even the force around the glass surface to avoid breaking.

HORUSDY 90° Right Angle...
  • Clamp's body part is aluminum alloy...
  • Single handle, adjustable jaw,...
  • Maximum clamping range is 68, which...
  • Variable in use
  • Exact 90 degree
  • Very powerful
  • Good price
  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Too strong for delicate materials like glass

Quite similar to the Housolotion offer, we found a Horusdy clamp but in better condition.

#5 POWERTEC Band Clamp

Worfcarft might impress you with the quick-release system, but some of us don’t even need to pay that much. In the lighter jobs, we can count on this Powertec 71017.

Powertec 71017 appears at a reasonable price, much cheaper than the Wolfcraft. You will have the same adjustment system to work on DIY projects. 

However, it’s not like we have the same Wolfcraft at a discount but a commoner’s version. 

This one is made of plastic- hard plastic, for particular. It can’t cope well with metal or wood boards, which ask for strong clamps. But at least, thin boards, cartons, fabric, or paper won’t be a problem.

POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release...
  • INCLUDES: (1) Band Clamp with...
  • APPLICATIONS: This adjustable band...
  • VERSATILE: Provides tight, secure...
  • Terrific price
  • Handy quick-release lever
  • Convenient adjustment screw
  • Safe non-marrying jaws
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap plastic
  • Not heavy-duty

Powertec 71017 will be the right investment for temporarily work. You won’t use clamps too frequently or maybe only once, then this is just right.

#6 Kreg Angle Clamp

The Kreg KHC-RAC is a durable angle clamp in this list. You’ll love it.

We’re impressed with how they made this tool carefully, from jaws to handle. You will see a casting layer on the metal jaw. This casting will eliminate scratches or trace on your things when you clamp tight. 

The handle is rounded by rubber. This layer will enhance the grip to release the clamp more easily. And we can tell it won’t hurt your hand.

It’s quite heavy-duty so that one might be enough, but this Kreg comes in pair. You don’t want to overspend if you are not indeed of frequent use of clamps.

Swimmaxt Right Angle Clamp
  • This clamp makes pocket-hole joints...
  • This product is easy to use easy to...
  • Comfort grips eliminate pinching...
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfort grip so easier releasing
  • High-quality casting
  • Rubber handle
  • Unnecessary quantity

We’re proud to introduce this Kreg KHC-RAC for those who want to join boards or to screw. It holds tight and secure.

#7 IRWIN Tools Corner Clamp

Among budget-saving offers, we have IRWIN. It’s cheap but don’t judge the book on its cover. IRWIN can provide 200-pound pressure. And this number will mean a lot if you do woodworking.

To give out that power, IRWIN is made of metal all its body, and the screw system is on steel. IRWIN clamp will work well on wood, other metal, fabric, or paper, and incredibly, it won’t leave scratches with that force. The reason lies behind is nylon protection on the jaw.

It’s warned that you shouldn’t clamp on glass by this one because the force will break the glass. The nylon layer here won’t help because it’s too thin.

  • Holds up to 200 pounds of pressure
  • Composite metal body and steel...
  • Perfect for picture frames, and...
  • Practical nylon round to prevent scratches
  • Lightweight
  • Handy screw system
  • Good price
  • Sturdy metal built body
  • Not for hard materials

IRWIN Tools quick-grip deserves consideration if you want to get something at an affordable price but versatile in use.

#8 Hobart Welding Clamp

This Hobart corner clamp will have two axes to make sure the precise 90 angles when you clamp.

Besides, it offers quite a convenient screw adjustment, which allows users to rotate easily to change tightness. The head also helps with alignment pretty well. 

By all that accuracy this piece offers, we suppose welding will be placed where it performs the best, but also simple clamping, holding, and stabilizing.

Hobart 770565 Two Axis Welding...
  • For welding perfect 90-Degree...
  • Features a floating head and...
  • Item Package Dimension: 14.25" L x...
  • Precise 90-Degree corners
  • Simple for all users
  • Wide jaws for many home projects
  • Not so heavy-duty

Hobart 770565 is a useful tool for welding because they have invested a lot in building amazing precise angle clamp.

#9 Kreg 90-degree Corner Clamp

This Kreg KHC-90 DCC also comes with l-handle- the type that helps everyone with tackling clamping and releasing with a free hand. And to support that one-handed job to the best, they offer a quick-release mechanism, much better for ease-of-use. 

While other products focus on a system to adjust tightness only, this one offers extra thickness adjustment. The thickness adjustor is innovative swivel, and it’s easy to handle by anyone.

To support tight clamping, Kreg KHC-90DCC gets equipped with an inner lock. However, sometimes, this part malfunction.

Kreg KHC-90DCC 90-degree...
  • From the manufacturer: This unique...
  • It also includes an l-handle for...
  • The innovative swivel head can...
  • Easy adjustment
  • User-friendly design
  • Smart swivel
  • Handy inner smart lock
  • Only one-end swivel
  • Not so stable internal lock

Kreg KHC offers excellent products in different ideas. This one is for light industrial products and more for those who like to carry clamp around, prepare a little support as a chore. 

We have studied new and old models pretty hard to sort out the best. However, the best for individuals must be the most suitable one, which makes ends meet your conditions. Among all, we put the highest credit to Wolfcraft 3415405 because this item is useful for a wide range of users, projects, and material, not mentioning the price is quite reasonable.

What Jobs Need Corner Clamps?

Before people pay out their money, a question will be asked: “do I need it?”. 

To a corner clamp, let us sketch some essential jobs so you can spend money without overthinking.

Holding Things Together

It’s basic woodworking that every carpenter should have been through. Corner clamps do it very well. 

Let’s think you want to keep two boards connected until the adhesive go dry, or you want two pieces on hold to see how’s thing looks before you actually put them together. It’s situations where corner clamps do their jobs.

Of course, you can have your assistant do the same job. But, will they be reliable and patient enough to stay intact for hours, no movements? Not mention some artworks take nights to consider.

So, with the stable clamping strength, the never-tired attitude of working corner clamps deserves your investment.

Keeping Things Dry

Have you heard of art pieces where people have to leave days for the paint to dry?

Or sometimes, when you need something to get dry in all of its angles but you can’t just sit there with your hand holding it in hours?

Corner clamps will keep on hold for you.

It’s not like it can keep every shape and size, but maintaining a painting flat, dry, and no wrinkles are no problem.

Same when you do woodworking, and you want pieces to get dry while you can go somewhere else.

You might have your own hanger or kind-of stuff specialize in drying. However, with non-professionals, having a corner clamp will mean including this job and excluding buying extra accessories.

Let’s say saving your budget!


Stabilizing is the exact purpose for which angle clamps are born. It’s including holding things together and keeping stuff dry, but we are talking further.

You might need corner clamps to hold things unmoved to paint, crave or polish much more quickly. Besides, you can drill or weld in peace under the support of those clamps.

Stabilizing is a kind of job that barely men can sustain in hours without making a slip. A clamp is just right to be there for being portable, safe, secure, and strong enough to handle this simple but so necessary chore.

For these reasons, we can make any excuses for not buying a corner clamp if you are woodworker, technicians, engineers, DIYs, or artists who will sooner or later thank for the presence of this fabulous bit.

How To Choose The Best Corner Clamps For Me?

How to choose best corner clamps?

The next question must be: “How can I know this piece deserves my money?”

We prepared this part carefully so you won’t be clueless anymore after reading the below tips!


It’s super important to know how tightly you want to clamp. 

Many people tend to go for the ones with the most potent clamping power and suppose they can do whatever with it. The fact really depends on the material you’re working on.

Wood and paper have quite good flexibility, so a strong clamp will definitely be favoured. However, hard and fragile materials like plastic or glass will prefer medium clamps because too strong force can break the board.

The tightness also counts on the jaw and the size of the clamp. You should go for non-slip and wide jaw as we studied, these factors can help corner clamp clinging on something much better.


Corner clamps, of course, should appear with 90 edges. And, on the product description, you’re told the same figuration. Well, don’t trust all.

Look the angle carefully to make sure it’s not crooked. 

Accuracy sometimes is not essential when all you do is just painting a new wooden board.

However, for welding, drilling, trimming job, this angle does matter a lot, and it will affect the outcome of your task.


Whatever you do, make sure that these clamps won’t act weird during the process.

Acting weird here is meant slipping, losing, or breaking. Therefore, besides looking for suitable jaws, you should consider the bolt, adjustment system, and the material.

The adjustment system allows you to change tightness, some are complicated, but some are simple. The one we like the most is the screwing adjustment tool. This function is so easy that even old people can understand and handle.

Speaking of material, you won’t have too many options. Usually, they offer hard plastic or metals like steel or iron. Alloy, of course, is durable and reliable, but it will be expensive. Plastic clamps are more economical, and they’re sure to handle pretty some light industrial works.


Budget is always a big deal, but don’t overthink it.

If you seldom have to work with clamps, you can borrow one or purchase an average one at a low price. We have some options below, so don’t think it’s impossible.

However, if you need clamps every single day, let’s be serious in spending money. It’s not necessary to be an expensive choice but don’t go for an average and cheap one. Believe us. You will want a sturdy, durable, and portable clamp that costs quite more than a couple of dollars.


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Final Thought – Your Best Corner Clamp of Choice?

Corner clamps or angle clamps are simple tools that you might found everywhere. And because now everyone can afford one even though they might touch it once a month, new models come out non-stop.

You must be sober to pick the best out of all attracting ads and eye-catching design.

It will take you days to do the searching and read through reviews but with us, 10 minutes scrolling down the latest updated list- best corner clamps!

And Don’t forget to check out more essential Clamps that you might need.

Latest Corner Clamps Bestsellers ON SALE!

ON SALEBestseller No. 1
WETOLS Angle Clamp - 90 Degree...
  • 【Trustworthy Quality】:WETOLS...
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Kreg KHCCC 90° Corner Clamp
  • Works on 90° corners and “T”...
  • 1" maximum capacity
  • Cast aluminum “V” and Wedge...
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SWMIUSK 90 Degree Right Angle...
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